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Posted by TroyJ on May 09, 2004 at 09:12:38:

In Reply to: Re: Gluttony posted by Josh T on May 09, 2004 at 07:17:14:

C'mon, the gun control analogy is pretty lame... Look, 4 guys out fishing for two days from one family can legally bring in 400 bream, you're telling me y'all can eat 400 bream in a setting? That's easily enough bream for 100 people. How many of your kin come to supper??

People coming here are not keeping all these fish for their families, they are taking them home to feed their churches, neighbors, and anyone else in the area code. Many of them hoard every fish they can (legally or not) to feed a lot of people out of state who never buy a license.

Look how Weiss was wiped out when the word got out about the crappie fishing there. Yeah, the fishery can handle it allright... People came from everywhere and took every one the could. You're lucky to catch a 10 incher there these days. Guntersville smokes Weiss with regard to quality crappie fishing, but it won't last long when the word gets out.

I can catch big crappie, bream and shellcracker all summer long with deep water tactics. Spooning and deep water drifts in the right locations using sonar will catch all you can. My secret...:) I don't guide, won't guide, and I don't teach anyone how because I know tht if I do, they'll be gone. People would take advantage of it because so many lack responsibility.

I'm a meat hunter, make no mistake. But I take only what I can eat, and what my family can eat in one setting. I don't take what everyone I know can eat... I don't believe in that. If they want to eat fish, buy a license and go fishing. I don't stock the freezer. (A lot of people stock freezers and wind up never eating the fish). There is nothing wrong with feeding a few friends, but give me a break, I've watched thousands at a time being hauled out in big freezers in the back of trucks with out of state tags. Some I suspect are bagged and sold. Maybe you don't have a problem with that, but I do.

We not only need better enforcement, we need much stiffer fines for poachers, and new management plans that keep up with the increasing pressure.

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