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Posted by smalliefisher on April 28, 2004 at 01:46:14:

The following is a list of things that I have found very effective in securing my pc and making sure it is running at optimal capability. I wrote it as a reply to a guy wanting to stop pop-ups, but I figured it had some good information for anyone so I copied it over here for people to use. Hope this helps if you have any problems:>>>

This will be a lot at once, but if you do the following things you will never see another pop-up and you will have a very secure computer. I haven't had a pop-up in six months. It requires several downloads, but they are all free. Here we go:

1) Download & Install Spybot S&D. Run the online update after it installs to make sure you have the latest reference file. Then scan computer with it. Remove everything it finds as a problem. Then, immunize everything that is suspicious. Then, in the advanced menu go to "tools" and select "Hosts file", then hit add to hosts lists. This diverts any attemps of a spyware intrusion to a fake ip address. Then go to BHO tab and click install. May also want to intall Ad-aware as a back-up in case this misses anything, but it is not necessary.

2) Download Spyware Blaster, after installing, update to make sure it has the newest reference file. Then click on "enable all protection" This silently blocks all malicious websites and pop-ups. Go accross the tabs at the top and make sure everything is checked under all of them. This is an excellent program!

3)Install Zone Labs Firewall. Simply the best free firewall on the market. It will make your computer "stealth" to hackers.

4)I am assuming you have virus protection. If not, get some. In the meantime go to and do an online scan(free). (Do this before anything if you don't have virus protection) It is important to keep virus defenition files up to date be checking every few days for updates.

5)If you don't already: Go to windows update once a week and get any critical updates. Also, disable Messenger if you don't use it. This is not the MSN instant messenger, it is the messenger bundled with windows (used for sending messages over a network). Also, go to the control panel and remove any windows features you don't use.

6)Download Mozilla Firefox 0.8 Browser. It has a pop-up blocker (although I have never seen it work because pop-ups don't ever make it that far on my pc). Also, it will block flash ads and give you the option to click on it if you want to see it. It is also a very compact browser (doesn't come with any junk) which should make it faster. Unlike other browsers I have tried, it doesn't take any getting used to. Very user friendly.

If you do all these things, and run disk clean-up and defragment your hard drive once every week, you will be suprised at how few problems you have in the future. Also, keep all the programs I mentioned updated to cach all the newest problems. Like I said, I have not had a pop-up since I went to this setup, 6 months ago. Hope this helps, print it out and share it with all your friends, they will thank you for it. Everythng but the windows update is available on

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