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Posted by Captain Terry on April 08, 2004 at 08:40:18:

In Reply to: EFI vs. Carb on Yamaha posted by Rckmn on April 07, 2004 at 19:15:06:

Hi Rckmn,

I think your father is asking a good question. I would also add that it is a good question to consider 2 stroke technolgy vs. 4 stroke technology in the Yamaha line.

I chose the 225 Yamaha four stroke with EFI to run along coastal Alabama and the Gulf of Mexico. In that environment reliability may be more important to me than to your father if he is boating on small sheltered bodies of water. However, from a mechanical standpoint, it seems that the EFI does a superior job of providing an optimum fuel/air mixture, plus in my experience of rebuilding a number of carburetors on Johnson 2-strokes that EFI seems to be less maintenance intensive. One point I would like to make about fuel charges - Have you ever heard a boater talk about a broken rod or a badly damaged cylinder? There is a big difference in what happens when a 2 stroke loses fuel input to a cylinder vs. what happens to a 4 stroke cylinder. When a 2 stroke loses fuel input, it also loses lubrication when using premix fuel/oil. Since a 4 stroke lubricates from below, loss of fuel to that cylinder does not mean loss of cylinder lubrication. This is one of the very negative downsides to conventional 2 stroke carburtor technology. If one set of jets becomes plugged, highly expensive major failure is looming. Also, I see a major boost in fuel economy. In fact, in my case, the EFI 225 hP consumes 40% less fuel than the carbuteted 140 hp 2 stroke.

Also, EFI is a very pleasant technology for boating. I have no visible smoke and no nauseating odor with the EFI 4 stroke. It certainly makes for a more enjoyable ride.

Money does come into play as the newer technology is more expensive, but I would like to emphasize that your father should not just focus on procurement price, but the real focus is "total cost of ownership". If an engine can save fuel and be very low in maintenance costs, in the long run it is actually cheaper. Since you father is obviously older and mature, he will most likely be conscientious about not abusing it and also about doing preventive maintenance. It is hard to wear out a water cooled engine that has been properly cared for.

Please email to me if you have any particular questions for a Yamaha owner. Best wishes to your father.

Captain Terry

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