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Posted by David Price on March 26, 2004 at 22:24:06:

In Reply to: Re: License Questions posted by Joseph Fristoe on March 26, 2004 at 12:08:55:

Thanks for all the quick replies. I see yall have had the same logic thrown at you as well lol. I have been told four or five different things by four or five different people. I went down to my courthouse and asked and was told that about the only needing it if it is gas powered and not if it is electric etc. A guy in line disputed this and the lady got kinda perterbed. So I figured I had it figured out. I said to her " Okay I beleive you. Now will you give me something in writing to that effect" she said "We dont have a form for that" to which I said "Well seeing as how you are in charge, wouldnt a simple note to the effect signed by you suffice?" This "I am definately positive" lady wilted like a flower and I realized that she didnt have a clue either lol. But if I would have taken her word for it I may or may not have been breaking the law. I think all those people who are supposed to be in charge should have to know this type of pertinent information. Although I agree that the course is good for anyone to take I see it as just a simple money making scheme by the state. They grandfathered my step father in when it went in to effect because of his age!! So here we have a man that had never owned a boat and had only ridden in one twice in his life being handed a license because of his age. Me on the other hand. I grew up on the lake. I was driving boats when I was younger than ten and almost weekly for almost 30 years and I had to take a test and pay money. So it isnt about safety its about money. If the marine police here dont know if we are breaking that law how can they enforce same? Besides they will allow you to rent a boat and no license is required to operate that boat. My common sense tells me that renters would be more likely to be inexperienced than boat owners. The scary part where I am at is there are a couple places anyone can rent a big pontoon boat with no experience whatsoever. So now we have folks renting a pontoon most of the time for the large capacity of people going with them needing no "safety course" and a single fishermen has to have said "safety course and license" Its okay to drive around with ten people partying on a party barge without a license if you rent it. But if you own a fishing craft you have to be licensed and take the course. Sound like its all about safety to you? Sorry about the rant but I loathe incompetence and that is all I have encountered ona simple question anyone working in that field should be able to answer.

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