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Posted by Alex on November 17, 2000 at 00:07:57:

In Reply to: Sauger posted by WTL on November 15, 2000 at 19:59:16:

WTL, when I sauger fish, I use a jig and minnow combination. I also incorporate a grub along with the jig combo. Right now the water temperature has not got low enough for consistant action. I usually wait until the water temperature gets into the mid to lower 50's before I start going after them. This is not to say that you cant go right now and catch a few. You will also need to use a stinger hook. Most people use a mono line with a trouble hook attached to the end. I have learned over the years that two snap swivels attached end to end work better. The reason for this is after a few fish, the line will get roughed up and you will lose fish. By using the two snap swivels, you eliminate worn line and on top of that, it does not take very long to rig. This is crusial when your hands are freezing. You will have to try different colors and sizes. I usually base the size on current flow. An area you might try is if you put in at Ditto landing and go up river to the paint rock river(look on map to see), it will be on your left. Once you get there start at the mouth and go all the way up until you see a BIG dead tree that kind of sticks out on a small tapering point. You can miss it because it is the only dead tree of that size. Once you get here, shut the motor off and start your drift. Now what you are going to be looking for is where the river channel starts to drop off. Watching your sonar or flasher, the water depth will start droping about 50 yards down river side of the big tree. Position the boat 50 ft off shore and watch for 28-34 ft of water. What has happened here is TVA or someone has dredged for gravel and early season sauger really like to stack up here along this hole. This hole runs all the way down to the mouth of the paint rock river. Now about halfway down on your drift look over to the shore line and you will see a couple of trees that come out into the river. Pay close attention here and watch for the strike. If you have a fairly accurate graph you will notice alot of limbs and trash down there at this location. You will lose alot of jigs but my better fish have come from here. Another important factor that you want to make sure you do is keep your jig verticle. Like Troy said in his post bump the bottom slowly and expect the strike on the fall. You will be going along and all of a sudden you will lose contact with your jig and when you raise up, the sauger will be on. Once you get the fish comming up, DONOT, I repeat DONOT stop reeling. If you give the fish any slack, in most cases the fish will come off. If you do not get any bites with this method, try a more agressive jump with your rod tip. I have seen the days when sauger only wanted it in this fashion. As for as colors are concerned, white is a good color but only in clear water. If the water has any tint to it, I have always found a orange lead head with a blue grub works best. Blue and chartruse are also good choices. If you cant catch any let me know and I will show you! I hope this will help! Good luck and wear those life jackets.

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