Water levels, crappie fishing, deja vu Spring 2003

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Posted by Kerry Grissett on February 05, 2004 at 23:09:23:

I am sure everyone knows that it has rained quite a bit over the last several hours and hasn't stopped as I write this. I don't know what the total average rainfall has been, but it is a lot. Probably from 2 to 6 inches or more in some areas and *because* the rain fell not only on the Tennessee river valley, but also from at least the Mississippi river eastward and will continue to drop similar amounts of rain as it leaves our area and continues toward the upper end of the Tennessee river, I think we are in for very high (for this time of year) water levels on Wheeler and Pickwick lakes at least. Wilson and Guntersville may also be much higher than normal, but I think Wheeler and Pickwick will be the areas which rise the most.

Why? Guntersville lake only has a 2 foot draw down from summer to winter pool and Wilson only has a 3 foot draw from summer to winter. Wheeler and Pickwick both have 6 foot draw downs and have always been the main flood water *storage* lakes for the same reason. They simply can hold more water with their capacity for a much larger variation in water level elevation.

Someone posted a message recently stating that Guntersville lake had dropped 3 feet! That simply didn't happen. It did make me wonder exactly where or which lake he was on. If the lake he was fishing actually did drop 3 feet during the period the post was referring to, it certainly wasn't Guntersville lake! Guntersville lake IS the most stable lake on the Tennessee river in North Alabama where water levels are concerned.

Back to the point of this message...

The crappie were staging quite nicely on Wheeler and although I have not fished Guntersville, Wilson or Pickwick lately, I am reasonably sure they were moving up shallow and staging there as well. Unfortunately for me, at least, this rain and the resulting higher water that will come is going to make it hard for me to get back on the staging crappie.

Of course, anyone who really likes muddy rolling water during the crappie staging season will have a ball! If you did well last year during the spring flood, you should love this one too!

Good luck and good fishin'


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