Re: Anyone here make their own suager jigs

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Posted by Trapper1 on January 06, 2004 at 15:30:37:

In Reply to: Re: Anyone here make their own suager jigs posted by Bob D on January 06, 2004 at 14:55:57:

Sure, first you'll need a propane torch. Just the torch head and a bottle of propane. I prefer the Coleman bottles since they offer a wider base and are more stable. Use a low flame. Be sure to shake up the paint powder often to keep it "fluffed up." Then, get a small paint brush and some Pam non-stick cooking stuff from the wife's kitchen. Apply a VERY small amount of the Pam to the eye of the jig hook with the brush. (If you use too much you'll notice it later at a point of no return) Heat the jig head in the flame. Time will vary depending on the size of the jig. Your goal is to just get it hot enough to make the paint stick and slightly melt to the head. Too much heat will cause the paint to drip or develop "paint-sicles" during the final curing. Try 3-5 seconds for a 1/4 oz. jig and up to 12-15 seconds for a 1 oz. jig. Immediately dip-remove-and hang jig for the next step. Repeat the Pam, heat, dip process for each jig in your lot. Once finished, take all jigs to the wife's oven and hang on the racks for curing per the mfr. directions (350 for 20 minutes I think). Be sure to put tinfoil or something disposable under the jigs in case you get any dripping. Once curing is complete you can inspect. If you have any "paint-sicling" you can cut them off; not too pretty but still functional. Just take note and use less heat in the dipping process next time. Now, I'm sure you were wondering what the Pam was all about. Well, had you not used it you would have a tough time removing the paint from the jig eyes. With the Pam, it pops right out with a pocket knife or one of those purchased eye-poppers. Also, you can remove the paint that sticks to the eye just after the initial dipping(I have just started doing this and I think it is going to work better...thus far the paint seems easier to remove before the final curing in the oven). After the final oven curing you need to look in the jig eye area, if you used too much Pam, you'll see some runs. Again, not pretty but still functional. Take note and use less next time. I know this sounds like a tedious process. It is but it is worth it. The "bake on" paint is superior to the vinyl and only takes one coat. Once you get the process down it goes fairly quickly.

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