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Posted by Charlie Garrett on October 13, 2003 at 10:53:17:

In Reply to: Knots to Know posted by Tom on October 12, 2003 at 20:19:15:

In my opinion, the best knot is a palomar knot. It even works on braided line! I use it 99% of the time.

A description is located here:

Hank Parker had a show several years ago where he demonstrated different knots and used a contraption to pull the line and test the breaking strength of each knot. Most of the knots broke at 80-95% of the rated line strength. The Palomar knot did not break, the line broke above the knot, results were a 100% rating.

I can not recall having any indication of the knot failing with a palomar. I used to tie the Trilene knot and had several fish break off, and the end of my line had kinks indicating the knot had failed. I even go out-of-my-way on multiple knot rigs (like a carolina rig) to develope a method where the Palomar can be used. The only problem with the Palomar is you pass the entire bait through a loop in the line. If you think about it in a multiple knot rig, you may have to pass the entire rod through the loop (not practical). Here's how to tie a carolina rig with all Palomars.

1. Tie the barrel swivel on the free end first, spit on every knot for lubricant.
2. Cut off the desired length of leader,
3. Thread on weights and beads,
4. Tie on the other end of the swivel and pass the swivel and leader through the loop.
5. Tie on the hook.

A tip for hooks with small eye's is to run the line through the eye and then back through in reverse to make the loop. This prevents you from having to kink the line by bending it sharply to get it though the small eye.

Most every serious bass fisher I know uses the Palomar unless they are wanting more wobble on something like a crankbait. Give it a try.

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