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Posted by David Price on October 12, 2003 at 21:40:20:

In Reply to: Minnow Storage Unit posted by CoreyP on October 12, 2003 at 20:08:09:

I have seen many designs and some work rather well. I have a regular "stationary" one I built out of cement blocks much like you see at alot of country bait shops. Just add water and bait and aerator.. Fairly cheap if you build it yourself. my gt grandfather had one he used made out of an old bath tub and he used a regular air compressor for an aerator. He hooked a air hose to the compressor and plugged the end and made a ton of holes in the hose and as the pressure in the tank went down the compressor would replenish it. I use a professional grade aerator on mine they can be had fairly cheap and I have seen alot of places using either the big galvanized tubs for watering livestock or the big black plastic looking ones. My portable pickup unit is made from a big old cooler I got at Wal mart on sale a bilge pump and some pvc pipe. I connect the pump to pvc with rubber hose. I take the pvc and drill very small holes in it and mount it out of the water a few inches and the pump circulates the water to the pvc which sprays it back down into the water creating an aerator effect and I got it all hooked to a toggle switch in the cab so I can turn it off when not in use. I founf the idea for it on the Brotherhood of Catfisherman website. I also make a rod holder out of pvc for night fishing that has one of those momentary push button switches. It is hooked to a battery and a small bulb is wired to the switch. when you set the pole in the holder and lean it against the switch if it gets even a smal bite the light will flicker or stay on if the fish just takes the bait. i have five of these going at one time off of one small lawnmower battery. Sure beats straining to see rod tips at night. Or you can take a can and pull a slack loop in the line near the reel and hang a coke can by the lid on it and it will fall when the fish pulls ever so lightly on the string. I got a million more gadgets to share if you need anything else let me know. lol

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