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Posted by Kerry Grissett on October 02, 2003 at 23:19:44:

Well, with all the posting about one controversial topic then another, I forgot that on October 1st, the NAFF had been "officially" up and running for 4 years. Happy birthday to us!

I really should have had something already written and edited to post for this "event", but I seldom think of such things. The older you get the less likely you want to think about getting older! (grin)

There has always been and continues to be a great and growing group of folks who make up the NAFF and support it. My thanks to everyone who makes that effort! I know that sometimes it would seem that I don't appreciate the fact that the NAFF would not be what it is without all you folks, but I never forget that I am only one part of the NAFF. Without the good folks who post messages with reports and attempts to help other fishermen the NAFF would not even be here today.

To my knowledge, this is the ONLY "open" Alabama fishing message board that is not driven by the pressures of sponsors and this site is definitely not profit driven! This is not to say that there isn't any bias on the NAFF, but I think that bias is more likely to be based on real personal experience here than anywhere else, as opposed to a profit driven bias that is only trying to get you to buy a product.

Tom L. warned me, in a very nice way, that a recent debate/discussion of rude and arrogant behaviour on the water was heading towards getting out of hand especially as the NAFF Rules of Conduct are concerned. Well, it didn't take long before he was proven correct. The person who, through their post, pointed it out to me had a legitimate gripe, but used language that crossed the line of acceptability. Yes, I have let a few things slide and hoped that it wouldn't get worse, but as Tom feared, it did get worse. So, for this person with a legitimate gripe, I did something that I am not sure was exactly correct, but it was a choice. Either I had to delete the entire message, OR take the time (about 20 minutes) to edit the message to change a few words into something more appropriate for this forum.

I edited it. I will make no apologies, but I will not do that anymore, for anyone! It is simply too much trouble when, as someone in a message quite a while back said "there are too many words in the dictionary" to use those which are not "G" rated in this forum.

Bottom line is, when posting a message on the NAFF, think before you post! This includes myself. Hey, nobody is perfect... (grin) One good way to do this is to use Notepad or Wordpad or any text editor to compose your message first. Then, if you are very passionate about what you want to say, wait at least several hours before copying it from the editor and posting it on the NAFF. That way you have enough time to not be as emotional as you were when you originally wrote the message, put a little distance between the subject and your emotions, and can make changes/corrections before you put in front of the NAFF. I can't count the number of times that I have hit the button to post a message, even after thinking about it for 20 or 30 minutes and as soon as it comes up as posted and I read it, I can't believe the mistakes and the other ways I might have said the same thing better and simpler... like this maybe? (grin)

Please, everyone take a look at the NAFF Rules of Conduct and use that sometimes rare animal called "common sense" before you post. Most folks do, but a few, especially when passionate about a particular subject, forget decorum and taint their message with, well, garbage.

Thanks to you all!

Good luck and good fishin'



I think you might be surprised at who actually does read this forum...

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