Weiss Lake Fishing Report for 10-1-2003

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Posted by Weiss Lake Guide Service on October 01, 2003 at 16:14:24:

DATE: 10-1-03
WATER CLARITY: Good down river. Up river slightly stained in some of the coves.

Some confusion about Bay Springs Restaurant and Marina. I am sure I created the confusion. I stay confused, I thought I would get
everybody else that way.
The marina is open and running and the restaurant is closed. Jack and Brenda are still there. The motel is open. Bill and Linda are
still there. OK Jack you can put your gun up. I am putting it on the website like I told you I would.

I stopped doing fishing reports in August. I can't do a fishing report when the surface temp is 98 degrees. With those surface temps
nobody is catching anything. About the time I was ready in mid September to start doing fishing reports I had a heart attack and
ended up in the hospital. About the time I got to feeling pretty good, Cheryl had to go in the hospital. Since she is the only one that
can operate the computer, we were on hold. Since I am about to do a fishing report she is doing much better at home. Thanks you
very much for all your emails concerning my health and all your prayers. Prayers must work because I feel much better. Thanks,
Steve, Cheryl, Butch & Harry. Our part-time guides, Buddy, Stan, Bobby & Kenneth.

Crappie: They are starting to move in. Catching them in visible brush or trees you can see. In and around the docks, humps and
drops. The better fish are still in deep water. The old river channel edge is just full of stumps and full of crappie. The bottom bumpers
are catching more keepers than the jig fishermen right now. I hate to say that because Cheryl makes and sells jigs. But that will
change. Best color right now is blue blue blue and triple green. Why not bubble gum, I don't know.

Bass: Bass fishing is rapidly becoming super. The really good fish are holding 8-12 foot deep on structure. In about any structure you
can find or know about be it stumps or brush piles. Tournament size fish are stacked up around shallow docks and points. Best bait
right now is Pig-N-Jig and soft plastics Carolina rigged. Texas rig in structure. Best color seems to be anything with blue or punkin
seed. Harry picked up a 4 and 1/2 and a 6 crappie fishing brush piles with small minnows. Butch had 8 or 10 tournament size fish,
fishing around the docks and he was fishing for crappie. We haven't seen any sign of schooling yet but it is coming. Just a hint, in the
fall of the year the larger fish like to move in around rocks or rip rap adjacent to deep water. I do not know whether it is the heat from
the rocks, or it is crawfish or some other type of bait. But they definitely like the rocks.

BREAM: Wide open on Guntersville. 30-50 feet deep around the bridges. Wax worms, worms and crickets, all of them work. Bottom
bumping with double hooks works the best. This is a great resource to put the kids in.Keep them busy as a 3 legged cat in a sand box.
Teach your kids to fish and hunt and you will not have to hunt your kids. The person we never say anything about is Mama. She just
might enjoy catching a few bream. I see a lot of ladies on the water.

STRIPE: None around that we can find. Harry fished for them last Friday for about 5 hours and all the old haunts where they have
been for years, and all he had was 1 5 pounder. Butch blanked unless you can count a 6 incher and I didn't go. I do not know what
has happened to the stripe. I find it hard to believe that you can go from one of the best stripe lakes in the state to almost no stripe.I
spoke with Dan Catches, the state biologist, and he is going to get Georgia and try to find out what is going on. Is it just the weather
or what.

CATFISH: Jug fishermen, bank fishermen, and trot line fishermen come and get them. Now that they are starting to clean a few fish
around the fish cleaning stations, some monsters are being caught. Please ask before you start fishing on one of the marinas fish
cleaning stations. Most of they do not care but it is nice to ask. Best bait is a fish rib cage, crappie or bass.But about anything will
work. I don't catfish at all but I sure like to eat them.

Thought of the day, the lake is down 2 feet. That structure you have been running over that was 3 feet deep is now less than a foot.
You are going to have a 1/2 off prop sale if you are not right careful. Not so bad downriver but upriver could be hazardous to your
lower unit. Fellows, at this time of the year, the lake is going to start getting a little busier, a little common courtesy goes a long way
from the boat ramp to the lake.

For my out of state readers, get your fishing license by phone before you come. Call 1-888-848-6887.

As always, if any of us can be of any help do not hesitate to ask.256-927-6617 www.weisslakeguideservice.com

For those of you fishing Neely Henry, I am going to do a report on it right now.


CRAPPIE: The big fish are still along the old river channel The mouths of coves in 12-15 feet of water. Bridge Creek there is a stump
row on the left side about half way in and also in the mouth holding some pretty good fish. Ottery Creek holding a few fish right in the
mouth. Not much going on in Beaver Creek. Canoe Creek on most all the drops holding some pretty good fish. The fish are starting to
move in around the docks. Seem to be more fish than fishermen right now. Live bait on the drops and jigs around the docks and tree
tops. Best color jigs are bubble gum and red blue white.

BASS: Some of the shallow flats are starting to hold tournament size fish. Top water early along with some buzz baits. Some activity
of schooling fish in the mouths and flats in most of the creeks. Small Rat'l Trap, chrome and blue or chrome and black, (hummed).
Mid day and mid afternoon soft plastics Carolina rigged. Don't forget the shallow boat docks in and around and under. Pig-N-Jig soft
plastics Texas rigged. Old river channel holding fish around most of the rocks 6-10 feet down.Tough to fish when they are generating.
Crank baits shad color.

STRIPE: Mouth of Canoe Creek some schooling stripe but they be a little skinny. At times Minnesota Bend has fish on the lower end
right out from the white pvc pipe.

BREAM: GUNTERSVILLE: Around the bridges 25-50 feet deep. Take your kids fishing and don't forget mama.

CATFISH: Most all the creeks are holding catfish in the deeper water. Quite a few holding in Canoe Creek in the deep water. Jugs,
trot lines or rods and reels.

From the Hwy 77 bridge up, can be a little hairy until you get to City Park. If you don"t want to have a 1/2 off prop sale you better
take it easy.

Boys and girls remember that a little common courtesy on the boat ramp and on the water goes a long way.The 7 of us fish Neely
Henry fairly often. It is a great lake. Good Fishing! Steve, Cheryl, Butch & Harry

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