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Posted by Bluewater on October 01, 2003 at 09:34:04:

In Reply to: Arrogant Pros posted by David Price on September 30, 2003 at 18:31:20:

It is a shame indeed that you and your family have to endure the harrassment of those "jacklegg" tournament fishermen! I've been keeping out of all the threads about tournament fishing up to this point mainly because I feel that it is a problem that is here to stay and complaining does nothing more than raise my blood pressure. Well, I'm throwing my 2-cents in now - just because I can...

I think tournament fishing has gotten WAY, WAY, WAY out of hand. I used to fish all the time and tournaments were a rarity. Now every jerk with a cause (or not) has bass tournaments - plus all the BASS and FLW tournaments - in addition to the dozen or so other corporately sponsored national organizations. Throw in the wildcats, company sponsored, store sponsored and club tournaments and well - you should be getting the picture - there are tournaments darn near everywhere and all the time.

I for one am sick of the things. From my experience and what I have seen, delt with and witnessed - most ALL tournament fishermen are rude as hell, inconsiderate of others on the lake in how they fish (pull right up on you like they own the darn lake), dangerous in their boat handling (hauling ass down the lake at 70+ MPH day or night - and sometimes within casting distance of where I'm fishing!) and generally exploit a limited public resource at a chance of personal financial gain...

Yes, years ago I used to fish a wildcat tournament or two and got to see it all first hand - the cheating, bad-mouthing of "non-tournament" fishermen and worst of all - the amount of fish that got killed JUST in one wildcat tournament - one night a week. Two summers of that was ALL I could stomach and I have'nt fished another for over 18 years. For those of you out there who are tournament fishing - save your keystrokes about what lengths tournaments go to keep fish alive - I do not care to read the propaganda - fish kept in a live-well for hours getting slammed around while you're hauling ass from one spot to the next, raping the lake DIE! Period. Maybe not in your livewell (Heaven forbid that - it would "cost" you a couple ounces or maybe even a pound at weigh-in!!! OHH NOooo!!!) but the mortality rate is VERY high for those fish. If tournmants adopted the practice of catch and release (released right after they were caught - and where they were caught) then at least the majority of the fish would survive... But that will never happen - because then EVERYONE would cheat - RIGHT? That in itself speaks VOLUMES about the "kind" of person that tournament fishes, their motivations and real concern about the resource...

The real problem is money. Corporate America has found that there is serious money to be made in bass fishing and so the problem will never go away. The days of going fishing - "just for fun" and being able to enjoy the lake without having endure some impact by "tournament" fishing are gone - unless you want to fish a private lake somewhere... pretty darn sad in my opinion.

Before a bunch of tournment fishermen get their panties all twisted into a wad and start bashing me for my views on a problem that YOU have created... Why don't you look at yourselves and make a concentrated effort to change the way your and your coherts are perceived? Get your clubs to adopt some rules that dictate common courtesy on the lakes, change the way your club operates... weigh, measure, photograph and release the fish as soon as you catch them so you're not killing so many fish. Do something to change - instead of griping at me for a situation and negative attitude that has developed about and towards tournament fishing that tournament fishing has created for itself!

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