Arrogant Pros

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Posted by David Price on September 30, 2003 at 18:31:20:

Well the arrogant pros are definately a problem but to me there is another problem just as bad if not. Those folks are the " I wished I was good enough or had enough money to be a real pro" that run out on your local lakes every other night for a "tournament". I live on Lewis Smith Lake right across the main body from Ryans Creek. A couple nights of the week they hold a "tournament" out of the boat ramp parking lot by the dam. There is nothing like sitting out right at dusk watching the beautiful colors reflecting off the water and then all of a sudden here comes a dozen or more bass boats running three and four wide with their throttles bottomed out. Well that used to be my major complaint. I have a new one. I am first and foremost a fly fisherman. It is just what I like and think nothing any less or more of anyone for the style fishing they choose. Between me and the lady next door we got right at 1200 ft of water frontage. I let 5 people park camp trailers on mine and she does too for a modest rent amount. Anyway I was down on the water like I am almost every evening with my flyrod. I had two of my sons with me who fish as well. Well they turn the gates loose and all the boats come flying up the lake and two turn into the area that runs about a half mile inland in front of our camps. They usually start on the far side go down the "slew" and come back up our side. Most of the time a few will wave or say hi or even ask if I have been catching anything. Well this summer was a lil different. I had a couple boats ease by and one asked if I minded if they ran their boat up and down the bank I was on. I said "sure go ahead I cant fish it all at once" they were happy and went on. An hour later two boats came in and one came fairly close and said "Hi" I returned. He asked if I had caught anything and I said "yeah a couple with a olive drab woolly bugger about a pound or so each" and "also several blue gills on a cadis fly" He looked around kinda nervous and finally he said" well I have been asked to ask you if you would mind not fishing on the point on tournament nights" I was kinna dumbstruck. Then after it sank in I said "yall want me to quit fishing along this stretch when you have a tourney?" he said " well a few guys said you seem to make it a point to be all up and down this holler when we are having a tourney" I explained that I fish almost daily not just "their nights" Now granted a bank fisherman is kinda rare on this lake far as I can see. But with over 500 miles of shoreline they were worried about this quarter mile stretch. I supposed they assumed I was trying to ''deprive them" of a good spot. I told him that although I had my yard work clothes on that I did indeed own all that he saw behind me and had permission for the other half. That as far as I knew it was a public lake and he could fish wherever he wanted and I would do the same which just happened to be in my own dang yard!! Now I hear the "well the fatass is fishing here we might as well go" to having my boys told that they were scaring fish off from swimming in the summer. I have never had anyone other than bass tourney fishermen be rude to me about fishing on this lake. There is folks coming in every day and night in the water out front. I have never had a problem with these individuals. It is the pack mentality that seems to rule the tournement goers around here. I have real good boat ramp for my people and in the process of putting another in and have been asked if I would let people put tourney boats in there and have a regular fishing tourney out of my camp. I have ample parking and even a few empty lots I could fill. But it isnt going to happen. I got enough smart alecks buggin me, my kids, and my lot renters while we try to enjoy what we pay for. Individuals welcome to use the ramp free of charge but tourneys can kiss my so called redneck fly fishing butt!!! And I got wonderful news here lately. it was put into the Daily Mountain Eagle that my area is gonna start having some of the big time BASS tourneys here come spring!! Lucky me!! Amateur a-holes are bad enough now they got to bring me the pros?

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