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Posted by Gene Walk on September 29, 2003 at 21:46:24:

In Reply to: Re: g'ville crappie posted by Joe J. on September 29, 2003 at 19:39:53:

I have been using a 1/32 oz., chartruse, paddle bug along with a 1/32 oz., white, Mr. Twister jig. I sometimes tip with a minnow, but mostly just the plain jig. Two methods have been working lately. First is to use the standard "Kentucky Lake" rig with a weight on the bottom, and 2 droppers spaced about 18 inches apart above that. Using a locator, start on the flat above the creek drop off and slowly bounce the weight on the bottom and then lift it as you drift, either with the wind or by using the trolling motor down the creek slope to it's channel, then touch bottom again. Keep repeating this action until you either start to catch fish, or feel you should drift a different area. But, you might want to make another drift through the same area if you are seeing fish on your locator, but not catching them on the first pass, Slow, real slow is the answer on speed. Second method is to take a plain crappie hook, either #4 or #6, and thread your jig body on it without a weighted jig head. Touch the jig with some super glue where it meets the hook eye. Now rig as before with a Kentucky style rig, but make your droppers out of the cheapest 30lb. mono that you can get. This mono is stiff, and will hold out the unweighted jig to the side of your main line and the jigs will have a motion that has to be seen to be believed. Especially the twister types. If they are running water, stay on the upstream side of the creek channel and drift across the junction of the creek and the main river channel or another creek channel. Seems they like to face upstream and see what's coming at them. I hold two long poles, one in each hand while doing this. This allows me to feel the very light bites that I have been getting. Using Slater's CDL11, 11 foot poles and ultra-light reels attached. That's about it guys. Hope this helps. Gene

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