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Posted by Crappie King on September 29, 2003 at 21:02:13:

In Reply to: Re: arrogant pro attitudes posted by crappie fisherman on September 29, 2003 at 18:36:56:

Kerry, you know that was not me.
but for my 2 cents worth, How does anyone that don't live close by know if there is a big T going on on the week that they have planed thier vacation on? and what are they suppose to do change all thier plans ? I know I wouldn't want to, nor would I want to drive all the way to my planed vacation spot just to find out there was a Big T. goin on, and that I had to adjust my plans for the Pro's.
As for fishing on the same spot, Kerry you and Alex both know, I share, if asked in the right way, which both of you did, But now on the other hand , if someone just comes up and starts fishin without askin, thats not right, and i dont think either of us will be catchin anything off that spot. I personally dont like being run over by "So Called Pro's".
As for the 1.8 mill. thats gone b used to build a boat ramp, I dont think not 1 Pro took anything out of his or her pocket and gave to that fund. yea they spend money here, but its not like the 4-600,000 that they suppose to spend is all profit,alot of it is cost plus the taxes, very little is profit.
And if u think Decatur city is gone spend any of thier money. HAHA they cant even tell where all they money went from beer sales, that was suppose to go to help the schools, but it didnt or rather it hasnt yet.
As for me ,I like being able to go FISHIN when I want and stay as long as I want,and not have any1 tellin me I got to start fishin and when I got to stop.
Just My 2 cents wroth.

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