Re: Arrogant Pro attitudes and lack of ethics

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Posted by Kerry Grissett on September 29, 2003 at 17:26:46:

In Reply to: Re: Arrogant Pro attitudes and lack of ethics posted by ew on September 29, 2003 at 16:15:46:

I don't know anything about those incidents, but perhaps they happened because of past bad experiences with "pro" fishermen? I have had enough bad experiences with "pro's" personally to know that this attitude problem is widespread. In any case, I advocate having and giving courtesy and respect to ALL fishermen on the water or on the bank, whether pro or amateur.

These tournaments are held on public waters, not private offices. There is a big difference. There is NO excuse for those "sucky" attitudes for anyone who wants to call themselves a "pro".

Everyone does something for a living. What makes fishing for a living special?

I do give respect where it is due and really do try to be courteous and thoughtful to everyone. However, just being a pro or making your living by fishing does not make one deserving of my respect or anyone elses for that matter. You have to earn respect and it is very hard to get it back once it is lost.

I have seen someone claim that the pros are the reason for those and other things before, but I have never seen one iota of proof nor has the person making the claim offered any proof. To my knowledge, these things are being paid for mainly by the taxpayers who live in this area and perhaps from State funds. If you can show me a breakdown of exactly how much revenue is brought in by big tournaments and how and where it is allocated, then I might believe you. I get really tired of reading that the pros are responsible for this and that, but never seeing any proof.

Good luck and good fishin'


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