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What to do when fish won't bite
By Anthony Gifford

We've all been there. There are days that you can't buy a bite even though just a few days earlier they were tearing it up! How many times have you heard this? I tried everything in my tackle box and I still got skunked. I would like to offer a few suggestions to help you through these tough times.

I find it very hard to believe that every bass refuses to bite all at the same time. When fishing is slow like this, try to analyze why they are not biting. Is it the weather (my number one reason), fishing pressure from other anglers, water levels dropping or rising rapidly, etc. Regardless of the reason, these tips will help you turn a bad day into bragging to your buddy's that you still caught them when they couldn't.

1- SLOW DOWN. Now is NOT the time to be running and gunning all over the lake. Take an area where you were catching them recently and work it over as slow as you can stand it and then slow down even more. The fish are simply not going to chase anything at all.

(2)- Be precise with your casts and pitches. I prefer pitching over casting when I'm using a jig or soft plastics. Try to slide the bait into the water without spooking the fish.

(3)- Two places that you can usually find fish during these tough times are boat docks and grass. If your area doesn't have grass, look for log jams, buck brush, blowdowns etc. Anything that a bass can bury up in and hide. You will not catch them by running a spinnerbait or crankbait around it. Get your lure in there and just let it soak for a while. Gently shake it and let it soak some more. I prefer a 4" Yum Dinger for this.

(4)- Downsize the size and weights of your lures. You don't want to use a 1/2 oz. jig at times like this. It will simply fall too fast to get their attention. Try a 3/16 or 1/4 oz jig. I like to use tungsten for my weights because of their small profile.

(5)- Be patient. Fishing in this manner goes against everything that we usually do as bass fishermen.

Hopefully these tips will help you as they have me when fishing is extremely tough.

Anthony Gifford

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