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My mission, as far as the fishing angle goes, is to try and provide a place which provides as much info as possible for anyone who is interested in fishing the North Alabama area, for any type of fishing, AS LONG AS IT IS LEGAL!  This is and, hopefully, always will be a work in progress!  I don't exclude anyone from posting in the NAFF with the exception of those who can't behave themselves and/or use language which is not appropriate for a FAMILY ORIENTED message forum.  I also limit commercial posts to the NAFF in my Rules of Conduct (PLEASE READ!) message.  You will also notice that my pages are absent of the usual commercial "banners" and advertisements you will find on most sites.  That is because I am not trying to sell a product, but only to provide a place where people of like interest can share their experiences, questions, tips, and other information about fishing.  I also try to keep the pages fairly simple in the hope that they will load a little faster and get the information in front of you as quickly as possible.  I try to make sure that the majority of browsers can access the NAFF.  If you find a problem accessing any part of the NAFF site, please let me know!  Your input is essential to keeping this site up to date and readily accessible to as many folks interested in North Alabama fishing as possible.

[Some parts of my site are devoted to my family and those are either private or public as I see fit.]

I make no profit from my efforts here, as I (presently) have no sponsors and I am not trying to sell anything.  Although it would be nice to make enough to cover any direct costs incurred from keeping the NAFF up and running, I don't want to taint the NAFF with the garbage that pervades most sites which are only there to try and capture a dollar.  This is a labor of love.  The love of fishing and the love of my family.  If you have similar feelings about pages on the internet, then please let me know by emailing me!  My email address can be found on each and every post I make to the NAFF, as well as nearly every page on this site.

Many thanks to those who use and support the NAFF!

I haven't asked for donations in the past, but have to ask for them now. I can no longer afford to keep up the NAFF by myself financially. I need your help!   Send email to:  NAFF
Total donations to date: $660 since October 1, 1999 until right now,

If you would like to support the NAFF with  $$$, send donations to:

Kerry Grissett
1602 Brookridge Dr. SW
Apt. 307
Decatur, AL  35601

Yep, I am getting rich here! (grin) LOL!!!

In any case, YOU the users of and contributors to the NAFF are what make it special!  The best way to contribute to the NAFF is
to post messages about your fishing experiences, techniques, predictions, theories, etc.  Whether amateur or pro, good day or slow day fishing, the information you post helps everyone and you may be surprised at the positive responses you will get!  There is a great group of folks who make the NAFF community so successful and you can be a part of that success!  You don't have to be an expert!  You only need a love of fishing and a willingness to try, honestly, to help other folks with the same interest.

Thanks to my son, Stephen, who is always an inspiration for me and the best son a dad could have!

Kerry Grissett