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Historical Tennessee River Lake Level Data in Excel Format
These files contain historical lake level data and the "operating guide"  for the following TVA operated lakes.
They are in "Excel" format and are provided here exactly as they came to me via TVA.
 I will update them here as updates are made available from TVA.

The .xls files are rather large for many folks, so I added the .jpg format operating guides.
 The .jpg files DO NOT contain any of the historical data, only the TVA operating guides.

Note: The latest operating guides for all TVA lakes are now available on
the TVA Lake Information Page listed below.  In 2004 TVA made changes
to the operating guides for many of the lakes they operate.

Guntersville Dam Operating Guide in .jpg format
Pickwick Dam Operating Guide in .jpg format
Wheeler Dam Operating Guide in .jpg format
Wilson Dam Operating Guide in .jpg format

Microsoft Excel 97 Free File Viewer

Real-Time and Other Lake Level Data
TVA Lake Information Page
(Current and Predicted Lake Levels, Dam Releases and Operating Guides)

USGS Statewide Real-Time Stream Flow Data for Alabama

Mobile District USACE Water Management Segment
Lake elevations for various lakes including, but not limited to:
Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint(ACF) - Lanier, West Point, W.F. George, Andrews, Woodruff
Alabama-Coosa-Tallapoosa(ACT) - Allatoona, Carters, R.F. Henry, Millers Ferry, Claiborne, Weiss
Black Warrior-Tombigbee(BWT) - Bankhead, Holt, Oliver, Selden, Demopolis, Coffeeville
Tennessee-Tombigbee(Tenn-Tom) River Basin - Whitten, Montgomery, Rankin, Fulton,
Wilkins, Amory, Aberdeen, Stennis, Bevill, Heflin

Historical Tennessee River Lake Temperature Data
These data are manually collected in the hydro plant tailrace.  Similar to the turbine monitoring, data collected in the tailraces at
Guntersville, Wheeler and Wilson will give some indication of water temperatures in Wheeler, Wilson and Pickwick reservoirs.  At
each of these plants, a 90 percentile and 10 percentile line are shown.  90% of the water temperature readings ever taken were
below the 90 percentile line.  Only 10% of historical water temperature readings were below the 10 percentile line.  These lines
give you some idea of highs and lows to expect at various months of the year.

 These files are in html format (viewable via your browser) and DO NOT require Excel or the free Excel file reader.

Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant Intake
Colbert  Steam Plant Intake
Guntersville Dam Release
Nickajack Dam Release
Pickwick Dam Release
Sequoyah Nuclear Plant Intake
Watts Bar Nuclear Plant Intake
Wheeler Dam Release
Wilson Dam Release

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