Keith Cooley
112 Cresent Cir.
Madison Al. 35758
Languages: SQL, 4GL, C, Shell, HTML, VB, ASP, PERL, OraPERL, JavaScript, DHTML
Databases: Sybase, Ingres, SQL Server, Oracle, Informix, Access
Systems: Intergraph Workstations, PC's, UNIX Servers
Operating Systems: NT, UNIX, DOS , Windows9x,VMS, X-Windows

OBJECTIVE: Seeking a job as a computer professional with a company offering both personal and professional growth opportunities.


Senior Systems Analyst, NCCIM, Huntsville, Alabama                             1998 Present

· Develop "Intranet" applications using ASP as a front end to a SQL Server database.
· Develop "Intranet" applications using PERL as a front end to an Oracle database.
· Develop web sites using web-scripting languages such as DHTML and JavaScript.
· Maintain and regularly update several web sites used by the Army Missile Command.

Senior Software Analyst, Intergraph Corporation, Huntsville, Alabama       1990 1998

· Design and developed Active Server Pages using ADO and DAO database methods.
· Developed, implemented and maintained web pages used by various organizations.
· Maintained and supported NT and Unix based servers and applications.
· Utilized Informix and C for database applications.
· Projects included Sybase 4GL development on a Windows NT platform.
· Developed client/server applications and reports using the 4GL language JAM.
· Developed Visual Basic programs in a client/server environment.

Test Engineer, Intergraph Corporation, Huntsville, Alabama                      1985 1990

· Developed software/hardware interfaces for in-circuit testers.
· In charge of in-circuit program deployment for Intergraph's European facility

Engineering Technician, AVCO Electronics, Huntsville, Alabama             1980 1985

· Developed and maintained software programs for Genrad in-circuit testers.
BS Computer Information Systems, Athens State University, 1992
BS General Studies, Athens State University, 1991
2 Year Technical Degree - Electronics, Calhoun Community College, 1980
Additional Studies - University Of Alabama Huntsville

REFERENCES: Furnished Upon Request