Digital Photo Editing Tips

Using Microsoft Picture It! to enhance your photograph.
Most all of your digital photographs will need some kind of editing performed on them before you can consider them completed. The great thing about digital image editing is that you can do things that you could never do in the lab. Below are a few of the most common editing effects that I use after downloading photos to the PC. These are only a few of the editing and effect tools available to you using Picture It. I suggest you try using as many as possible to see what best fits your particular needs.
  • Setting Screen Resolution
  • Getting The Photo
  • Quick Touchup
  • Add Sharpness To The Photo
  • Resizing The Photo
  • Add Text To The Photo
For Starters: Setting Your Resolution
Your pictures will look best if you optimize your screen resolution to 800 by 600 pixels or higher. Set your color palette to the High Color or True Color setting. To do this from within Picture-It, simply click on the View menu, click Display Settings, and then follow the instructions in the Display Properties dialog box.
Getting The Photo
Select "Get Picture" from the menu and choose "digital camera" from the list that appears. Then just follow the instructions on downloading from camera to PC.
At this point you can either save your work or begin editing process.
Editing Tools - Quick Touchup
Select "TouchUp" from the workbench menu and choose "Brightness & Contrast" from the list that appears. Adjust the slider bars for the best level of brightness and contrast for that particular photo.
You can also select "Quick Touchup" at which point the "Brightness & Contrast", "Correct Tint", "Crop", "Rotate" and "Fix Red Eye" options are made available. These group of editing tools are the ones you will probably use the most.
Editing Tools - Sharpness
Select "Special Effects" from the menu and choose "Sharpen Focus" from the list that appears. Adjust the slider bars for the best level of sharpness and clarity for that particular photo.
In my experience I have found that most all photos will need some sharpness added to them.
Editing Tools - Resizing Photos
The photo resize tool is accessed by clicking on a photo in the stack that runs along the right side of the screen. It displays all of the objects in a collage. Then drag one of the corner selection handles ("C" left) inward or outward. You may want to resize your photos if are going to email them (smaller photos take less time to download) or print them to fit in a smaller size picture frame.
Editing Tools - Adding Text
From the workbench menu click on the "Text" button. Select "Add Text" from the menu that appears. Just type the desired text within the box. You can choose a different font type and font color if you don't like the default. You also have the option to fill text with a color gradient, or a picture, bend text, add a shadow or highlite text edges.