A few moon terms that somehow made it into our everyday vocabulary...

          Moon Phrases

  • To shoot for the moon: To be very ambitious.
  • Over the moon: Delighted about something - maybe shooting for the Moon proved successful!
  • Crying for the moon: Longing for what is beyond reach, The French have a similar expression,
    Il veut prendre la lune avec les dents, meaning he wants to take the Moon between his teeth,
    from the old story about the Moon being made of green cheese.
  • It's all Moonshine: It's nonsense, imagination, caused by the effects of the Moon on the mind.
  • I know as much about it as the Man In The Moon: I know nothing.
  • For moonshine in the water: For nothing.
  • The Moon is made of green cheese: A term from the sixteenth century. "Green" refers not to
    the color of the moon, but to new immature cheese. Round like the shape of the moon with a mottled
    surface and color similar to that of the moon.
  • Moon about: To wander listlessly, especially if in love.
  • Once in a blue Moon: Very, very, rarely!
  • To Moon Over: To think about something or someone.
  • "To the moon, Alice!" - Famous threat used by Ralph Cramden (Jackie Gleason) to his wife Alice.
  • Minions of the Moon: Night-time thieves. Also known as 'Moon's men", and particularly
    referring to highwaymen.
  • To find an elephant in the Moon: Something that seems like a great discovery, but is not! The phrase
    came about when a seventeenth century man proclaimed with much pride that he had discovered an
    elephant on the Moon. It turned out that a mouse had crept into his telescope, and he had mistaken
    it for an elephant.
  • The man in the Moon: Said by some to be a man carrying a bundle of sticks collected on the Sabbath.
    Some say he also has a dog with him. Another version is that the man is actually Cain, with his dog and
    thorn-bush. The thorns symbolize the fall, and the dog represents the foul, animal side'of man. He has also
    been said to be Endymion, taken to the Moon by Diana. Also meaning to see human face-like features
    on the moons surface.
  • Diana's Worshipers: A name given to midnight revelers. They come home by moonlight, and so
    put themselves under her protection.
  • Casting beyond the Moon: To make wild speculations.

          Moon Words

  • Atlantic Moonfish : Any of several silvery marine fishes with very flat bodies.
  • Full-Moon Maple: A small, graceful maple tree, Acer palmatum, of
    Korea and Japan, having small, purple flowers. Also called Japanese maple
  • Honeymoon: A short holiday taken by a man and a woman immediately after their marriage .
  • Mock Moon: A paraselene.
  • Moonbeam`: A ray of light from the moon.
  • Moon-blindness: A term used to describe night-blindness, also called mooneye.
  • Mooncalf: A simpleton, blockhead.
  • Moon Child: Someone born under the sign of Cancer.
  • Moon-drop: A substance which, in Roman times and later, was supposed to be shed by the Moon on
    herbs when an incantation was made:
  • Moon Face: Having a very round face.
  • Moonglade: The bright reflection of the moon's light on an expanse of water .
  • Mooning: A more contemporary phrase, referring to a bare, moon-like posterior
    being displayed to passersby.
  • Moonlighting: Different meanings in various countries. in the USA it means having a night job as well as
    day-time employment; in Australia it describes riding after cattle by night; in the UK it means illicit work;
    and in Ireland it was violence carried out at night.
  • Moon Pie: A distinctive southern snack food that consist of two round crisp cookies
    with marshmallow filling. Dipped in a chocolate or banana flavored coating.
  • Moonrakers: Residents of Wiltshire England were caught raking a pond in the middle of the night.
    When asked what they were doing, they explained that they were trying to rake out the Moon.
    The phrase has also come to mean a simpleton.
  • Moonrat: Hedgehog.
  • Moon Shell: Any of a cosmopolitan family (Naticidae) of carnivorous marine snails
    having smooth globose shells.
  • Moonshine: Illicit liquor, made by a "Moonshiner" in secret stills.
  • Lunatic: A crazy person.
  • Lunacy: Craziness
  • Loony: Crazy

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