Names Given to the Moon by Other Cultures

A List of Full Moon Names that Include:
Native American, Chinese, New Guinean
Colonial American, English Medieval
and Neo-Pagan. More to follow !!!

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Colonial American
January: Winter Moon July: Summer Moon
February: Trapper's Moon August: Dog Day's Moon
March: Fish Moon September: Harvest Moon
April: Planter's Moon October: Hunter's Moon
May: Milk Moon November: Beaver Moon
June: Rose Moon December: Christmas Moon
January: Holiday Moon July: Hungry Ghost Moon
February: Budding Moon August: Harvest Moon
March: Sleepy Moon September: Chrysanthemum Moon
April: Peony Moon October: Kindly Moon
May: Dragon Moon November: White Moon
June: Lotus Moon December: Bitter Moon
American Indian (Cherokee)
January: Cold Moon July: Ripe Corn Moon
February: Bony Moon August: Fruit Moon
March: Windy Moon September: Nut Moon
April: Flower Moon October: Harvest Moon
May: Planting Moon November: Trading Moon
June: Green Corn Moon December: Snow Moon
American Indian (Choctaw)
January: Cooking Moon July: Crane Moon
February: Little Famine Moon August: Women's Moon
March: Big Famine Moon September: Mulberry Moon
April: Wildcat Moon October: Blackberry Moon
May: Panther Moon November: Sassafras Moon
June: Windy Moon December: Peach Moon
American Indian (Dakotah Sioux)
January: Moon of the Terrible
February: Moon of the Raccoon, Moon When Trees Pop
March: Moon When Eyes Are Sore from Bright Snow
April: Moon When Geese Return in Scattered Formation
May: Moon When Leaves Are Green, Moon To Plant
June: Moon When June Berries Are Ripe
July: Moon of the Middle Summer
August: Moon When All Things Ripen
September: Moon When The Calves Grow Hair
October: Moon When Quilling and Beading is Done
November: Moon When Horns Are Broken Off
December: Twelfth Moon
January: Quite Moon July: Moon of Claiming
February: Moon of Ice August: Dispute Moon
March: Moon of Winds September: Singing Moon
April: Growing Moon October: Harvest Moon
May: Bright Moon November: Dark Moon
June: Moon of Horses December: Cold Moon
English Medieval
January: Wolf Moon July: Mead Moon
February: Storm Moon August: Corn Moon
March: Chaste Moon September: Barley Moon
April: Seed Moon October: Blood Moon
May: Hare Moon November: Snow Moon
June: Dyan Moon December: Oak Moon
Neo Pagan
January: Ice Moon July: Rose Moon
February: Snow Moon August: Lightening Moon
March: Death Moon September: Harvest Moon
April: Awakening Moon October: Blood Moon
May: Grass Moon November: Tree Moon
June: Planting Moon December: Long Night Moon
New Guinea
Name: Rainbow Fish Moon Name: Black Trevally Moon
Name: Parriotfish Moon Name: Open Sea Moon
Name: Palolo Worm Moon Name: Tiger Shark Moon
Name: Flying Fish Moon Name: Rain & Wind Moon

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