Moon Maps & Sketches

map A collection of maps and sketches showing lunar features, landing locations, impact locations, folklore outlines, antique drawings and various other lunar details. To view a map simply select from the drop down list above and click the "Display" button. The map will then appear in the current frame. Below is a description of each map. Those sites denoted with an "L" are links to other web site. I've also included links to sites that contain moon maps and drawings.
NOTE: Some Maps Are Large In Size And Depending On Your Connection Speed Could Be Slow Loading...

Moon Features
  • ARVAL - Detailed Map of All Moon Regions (L)
  • Moon Map I - Sky & Telescope
  • Moon Map II - From (L)
  • Moon Mare - A View Of Moon Mare
  • Moon Bright Features - A View Of Moon Bright Features
  • Moon Atlas - Interactive Moon Maps (L)
  • Russian LTP Map -Lunar Transient Phenomenas
Moon Landing Locations
  • U.S. Landings - Includes Surveyor, Ranger & Prospector
  • U.S. Landings Apollo - Landing Location For Apollo 11,12,14,15,16,17
  • U.S./Russian Landings (650K) - Large Landing Map Locations For Apollo, Luna & Surveyor.
  • Russian Landing - Locations of all Russian Moon Landings.
Moon Far Side Maps
  • Far Side Physical Map - Includes Surveyor, Ranger & Prospector
  • Far Side Landing - Ranger 4 Landing on the Moon's Far side
  • Far Side Iron - Shows Iron Content of The Moon's Far side.
Moon Region Maps
  • East - A View of The Moon Looking East
  • West - A View of The Moon Looking West
  • South - A View of The Moon Looking South
  • North - A View of The Moon Looking North
Moon Impact Maps
  • Meteorite Impact Maps -Shows Impact Location of Meteorite's
  • Leonid Impact Maps -Shows Impact Location of Leonid Meteorites
Clementine Topo Maps
  • Nearside & Farside - View Both Sides Of The Moon
  • Lunar Gravity(390K) -View The Moon's Gravity Features
  • Nearside Iron - View The Moon's Nearside Iron Make-up
  • Farside Iron - View The Moon's Farside Iron Make-up
  • Farside Topo - View The Moon's Farside Topo Make-up
  • Nearside Mare - View Mare Locations
Antique Moon Maps & Drawings
  • William Gilbert - Early Drawings From This English Physician.
  • Thomas Harriot - Early Drawings With Great Detail.
  • Claude Mellan - Early Drawings With Great Detail.
  • Giuseppe Biancani - A Rough Early Sketch.
  • Charles Malapert - An Early Sketch.
  • Johannes Helvelus - Published Selenographia Devoted to the Moon.
  • Christopher Scheiner- An Early Sketch
Man In The Moon Outlines
  • Reference Map - Use This To Visualize Images.
  • Man In Moon - The now infamous "Man In The Moon"
  • Man In Moon II - Moon Man Sitting On A Rock
  • Woman In The Moon - Equal Time For Women
  • Toad Moon - A Giant Toad Invades The Moon
  • Rabbit Moon - Large Rabbit Sighted
  • Hare In The Moon- Another Rabbit View
  • Crab In The Moon- Moon Sea Life
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