"Apollo Landing Sites"
This page reveals three of
the six Apollo landing sites.

Moon Project:
One night see if you can locate these
sites with binoculars, a telescope or
use your un-aided eyes Just print this
page and carry it along with you.

Apollo 12 - Nov. 14th - Nov. 24th (1969)
Crew: Charles Conrad, Jr., Commander
Richard F. Gordon, Jr., Command Module Pilot
Alan L. Bean, Lunar Module Pilot
Apollo 14 - Jan. 31th - Feb. 9th (1971)
Crew: Alan B. Shepard, Jr., Commander
Stuart A. Roosa , Command Module Pilot
Edgar D. Mitchell, Lunar Module Pilot
Apollo 15 - Jul. 26th - Aug. 7th (1971)
Crew: David R. Scott, Commander
Alfred M. Worden, Command Module Pilot
James B. Irwin, Lunar Module Pilot

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