"Man In The Moon"
A few photographs of what appears to be faces and figures on the moon....

If you know of any other illusions then please email me the photos or descriptions and I'll try to post them.
Clear Skies... Keith

Moon This is the moon before any outline is drawn.
Use this as a reference to visualize shapes.

Thanks to Michael Oates of the
Manchester Astronomical Society
for the original lunar photographs.
* Outline Artwork By Yours Truly !!!
The "Woman In The Moon"
Every person may see the image a little differently. Length of hair and the shape of her face may vary.
Moon Woman
Man Reading On Rock "Man Reading a Book"
This view may vary depending on your earthly location.
"The Bogeyman Moon"
"I've outlined the person on the right and the bogeyman (whose face appeared to be a bit more sinister through my binoculars) - Hope you enjoy the photo! - Michelle"
Thanks to Michelle for the "Bogeyman Moon" photograph.
"Man In The Moon"
Best viewed during a full moon
"Rabbit In The Moon"
Best viewed during a full moon
Thanks to Michael Myers for the "Man in the Moon" photograph.
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