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Moon Phases:
Moon Phases: - Information and animation explaining moon phases.
Moon's Life Cycle: - An interactive view of the moons monthly life cycle.
Moon's Current Phase: - View the moons current phase (Updated every 4 hours).
Ultimate Phase Finder: - Tons of moon phase info and viewing. A must look.
200 Yrs. of Full Moons: - Search for any full moon between 1900 & 2100.
400 Yrs. of Moon Phases: - View every moon from 1800 - 2199.
Full Moon Dates: - A five year listing of full moon dates.
Full Moon S&E Dates : - Full Moons for Solstice & Equinox dates.
Moon Facts:
Moon Fun Facts: - A little info about the moon.
Moonpedia: - Definitions, Reports, Technical Facts and Data.
Moon Trivia: - A few lesser known facts about the Moon.
Moon Light Effects: - Info on moon halos, dogs and other phenomena.
Moon Weight: - Enter your earthly weight then see your moon weight.
The Moon & Tides: - How the moon affects the ocean tides.
Moon And Earthshine: - What is that erie glow we see on a crescent moon.
The Moon Illusion: - Why does the moon look bigger near the horizon.
The Orange Moon: - Why does the moon look orange.
Moon Sounds: - Hear famous voices and strange signals from the moon.
Moon vs. The World: - The size of the moon compared to earth.
GMT Time Conversion: - Convert astronomical events from GMT to Local Time.
Moon Events:
Blue Moon Dates: - Five years of Blue Moon Dates.
Moon Planting Page: - What and When to plant during a moon phase
Moon Stamps: - U.S. Moon Stamps And The Stories Behind Them.
Harvest Moon Page: - Facts, Definitions, and a List of HM Dates.
The Moon & Easter: - How the moon determines when Easter occurs.
Moon Travel:
Missions To The Moon: - All moon missions by date, spacecraft or country.
Lunar Crash Locations: - Lunar Soft Landing And Crash Site Locations.
Apollo Landing Sites I: - View Apollo landing sites 11,16,17.
Apollo Landing Sites II: - View the Apollo landing sites 12,14,15.
Moon Eclipse Info:
Lunar Eclipse Page - Eclipse facts, definitions and diagrams.
300 Yrs. of Eclipses - Every eclipse date & type (1800-2100).
Lunar Eclipse Dates: - A five year list of eclipses.
Lunar Eclipse Dates II: - Detailed lunar eclipse data.
Moon Photos & Maps:
Moon Photography: - A How-To Guide to Moon Photography.
Moon Maps & Drawings: - Various Moon Maps, Drawings & Sketches.
Moon Photos: - Various photographs of and from the moon.
Moon Gallery: - A few of my personal moon photographs. -
Moon Folklore:
Moon Names: - Names given to the moon for each of the 12 months. -
More Moon Names: - Moon Names From Several Different Cultures. -
Man in the Moon: - Ever seen faces on the moon - Check this out.
Moon Words: - Terms and phrases with a moon connection.
Moon Poetry: - Poems and Poetry that reference the moon .
Moon Food: - Recipes and cooking directions for moon food.
Full Moon Friday - Full Moon's that fall on Friday the 13th. -
Halloween FM - Full Moon listings for October 31st -
Moon Links:
Moon Links: - Some of my favorite places for moon info.
Ultimate Links List: - Hundreds of moon sites - A must look .

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Added "Moon Phases For 2003 (Ultimate Phase Finder)"
<<<<< Current Moon Phase >>>>>

The U.S. Naval Observatory provides a real time view
of the moons current phase. There are periods when network
traffic to this server is quite heavy, so image loading can be slow.

Current phase of the moon Updated every 4 hrs.

You can find this program and many others at the
U.S. Naval Observatory

Click on my"Ultimate Moon Phase Page"
A must see for finding moon phase info.

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<<<<< Moon Facts >>>>>

I've listed a few facts you may or may not know about
the moon. This is not intended to be a serious or technical
source for lunar data. Think of them as fun facts.

Distance From Earth: 225,745 miles
Length of a Day: 27.3 days
Radius: 1,080 miles
Diameter: 2,160 miles
Weight: 81 Quintillion Tons
Surface Temp (Day): 273° F
Surface Temp (Night): - 244° F
Gravity At Surface: 0.1667 g (1/6 Earth's)
Orbital Speed 2,287 mph
Driving time by car (@70 mph): 135 days
Flying time by rocket: 60 to 70 hrs.
No. of Men Who Have Walked on Surface: 12
Age of Oldest Rock Collected: 4.5 Billions yrs.
Rocks Collected By Apollo: 842 pounds
Widest Craters: 140 miles (dia.)
Deepest Craters: 15,000+ (ft.)
Highest Mountains: 16,000+ (ft.)

From The "Did You Know Department" - More Facts

  • The moon is actually moving away from earth at a rate of 1.5 inches per year.

  • The surface area of the moon is 14,658,000 square miles or 9.4 billion acres.

  • Only about 59 percent of the moon's surface is visible to us here on earth.

  • The moon is not round, but egg shaped with the large end pointed towards earth.

  • The earth rotates about 1000 mph. By comparison, the moon rotates about 10 mph.

Moon Rise Facts
  • The New Moon always rises at sunrise.

  • And the first quarter at noon.

  • The Full Moon always rises at sunset.

  • And the last quarter at midnight.

    Moonrise takes place about 50 minutes later each day than the day before.
    The new moon can not be seen because the illuminated side faces away from
    the earth. This occurs when the Moon lines up between the Earth and the Sun.

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<<<<< Lunar Eclipse Dates & Facts >>>>>
(1999 - 2003)

A listing of lunar eclipse dates for the next several years.
Check you local listings for eclipse path and duration.

Year Month Type
1999 Jan 31st Penumbral
1999 Jul 28th Partial
2000 Jan 21st Total
2000 Jul 16th Total
2001 Jan 09th Total
2001 Jul 05th Partial
2001 Dec 30th Penumbral
2002 May 26th Penumbral
2002 Jun 24th Penumbral
2002 Nov 19th Penumbral
2003 May 16th Total
2003 Nov 8th Total

Eclipse "Lunar vs. Solar" Facts

  • Full moons are the only time lunar eclipses can occur.

  • New moons are the only time solar eclipses can occur

  • Maximum lunar and solar eclipses that can occur in one year is 7.

  • Maximum lunar eclipses that can occur in one year is 3.

Click on Lunar Eclipse Info for detailed eclipse data.

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<<<<< Full Moon Dates >>>>>

Every full moon date for the next five years.

Mn.|Yr. 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003
Jan. 1 & 31 20 9 28 18
Feb. ---- 19 8 27 16
Mar. 2 & 31 19 9 28 18
Apr. 30 18 7 26 16
May 30 18 7 26 15
Jun. 28 16 5 24 14
Jul. 28 16 5 24 13
Aug. 26 15 4 22 12
Sep. 25 13 2 21 10
Oct. 24 13 2 & 31 21 10
Nov. 23 11 1 & 30 19 8
Dec. 22 11 30 19 8

The Nov. 2001 blue moon is an east coat only event.
The rest of us will get an Oct blue moon instead.

Click on 200 Year Full Moon Listing
for every full moon date this century and last.

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<< Full Moons On Solstice & Equinox Dates >>

Every wondered if a full moon happen to fall on a
Solstice or Equinox date - Probably not. Here
is the list just in case.

Winter 1809...........12/21.........apogee,22nd    
Spring 1829...........3/20    
Summer 1796...........6/20.........apogee,19th    
Autumn 1809...........9/23    

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<<<<< Full Moons on Friday the 13th >>>>>
(1900 - 2082)

(Q) What happens when science meets superstition.
     (A) A list of full moon dates that fall on Friday the 13th.

Year Date Time (GMT)
1903 Fri. Mar 13th 12:12
1905 Fri. Oct 13th 11:02
1919 Fri. Jun 13th 16:28
1922 Fri. Jan 13th 16:28
1970 Fri. Nov 13th 07:28
1984 Fri. Jul 13th 02:21
1987 Fri. Feb 13th 20:59
1998 Fri. Mar 13th 04:35
2000 Fri. Oct 13th 08:54
2014 Fri. Jun 13th 04:13
2049 Fri. Aug 13th 09:21
2063 Fri. Apr 13th 02:38
2065 Fri. Nov 13th 00:40
2082 Fri. Feb 13th 06:20

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<<<<< Full Moons on Halloween >>>>>

Full Moons that occur on the creepiest of nights - October 31st !!!

Year Date Time (GMT)
1925 Sat. Oct 31st 12:12
1944 Tue. Oct 31st 11:02
1955 Mon. Oct 31st 16:28
1974 Thu. Oct 31st 16:28
2001 Wed. Oct 31st 05:41
2020 Sat. Oct 31st 07:28
2039 Mon. Oct 31st 02:21
2058 Thu. Oct 31st 20:59
2077 Sun. Oct 31st 04:35
2096 Wed. Oct 31st 04:35

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<<<<< The Moon & Easter >>>>>

Information from the U.S. Naval Observatory on how
the moon determines the date on which Easter occurs.

"The commonly stated rule, that Easter Day is the first Sunday after the full moon that occurs next after the vernal equinox, is somewhat misleading because it is not a precise statement of the actual ecclesiastical rules."

The actual conditions to determine the date for Easter are:
(1) Easter must be on a Sunday.
(2) This Sunday must follow the 14th day of the paschal moon.
(3) The paschal moon is that of which the 14th day (full moon)
     falls on or next follows the day of the vernal equinox.
(4) The equinox is fixed in the calendar as March 21.
     Easter can never occur before March 22 or later than April 25.

- U.S. Naval Observatory
Click here for more  Moon Easter Info  from the USNO.

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<<<<< A Moon By Any Other Name >>>>>

We've all heard about the harvest moon. Did
you know the moon has names for the other
eleven months. Here they are.

January: Wolf Moon July: Hay or Buck Moon
February: Ice or Snow Moon August: Corn or Sturgeon Moon
March: Storm or Worm Moon September: Harvest Moon
April: Growing or Pink Moon October: Blood or Hunter's Moon
May: Hare or Flower Moon November: Snow or Beaver Moon
June: Mead or Strawberry Moon December: Cold Moon

Click on More Moon Names for a list of moon
names from American Indian to English Medieval.

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<<<<< Moon Sounds >>>>>

Listen to a few famous moon sounds and
a earth-moon-earth (EME) radio transmission!

  Apollo 11 "The Eagle Has Landed" - .wav(173k)
  Neil Armstrong's "One Small Step" - .wav(97k)
  Neil Armstrong "Reading Moon Plaque" - .wav(137k)
  Earth-Moon-Earth (EME) Radio Signal - .wav(147k)

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<<<<< The Moon vs. The World >>>>>

View the moon as compared to the major land masses of the world. While
not exact, this will give you some idea about the relative size of the moon.

 Moon vs. N. America    Moon vs. S. America
 Moon vs. W. Europe    Moon vs. Africa
 Moon vs. Asia    Moon vs. Australia
 Earth Moon Size Comparison

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<<<<< Calculate Your Weight on The Moon >>>>>

If you ever wondered how much you weigh on the moon versus
here on earth. Enter your earthly weight and hit the button !!!

Enter your weight:

Your moon weight is:

Click on my"Weight Watching On Other Planets"
page and see what you weigh on other worlds.

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<<<<< Blue Moon Dates & Info >>>>>

Blue moon dates along with a short explanation.

1999 Jan. & Mar. What is a Blue Moon:

An phenomenon that happens when two full
moons occur in the same calendar month.

The Moon is full every 29 and a half days,
so itís possible to have two full moons in
any month except February. On average,
there is only one Blue Moon every 33 months.

The Nov. 2001 blue moon is a east coast only
event. The rest of us will see a Blue Moon in Oct.
For that reason I have listed both.

2001 Oct. & Nov.
2004 Jul.
2007 May
2009 Dec.
2012 Aug.
2015 Jul.
2018 Jan. & Mar.
2020 Oct.
*** Attention ***
A "Blue Moon" now has two definitions. Read the
Sky & Telescope magazine article below to find out more.

The two definitions are:

  • A Blue Moon is the third of four full moons in a season.

  • A Blue Moon is the second full moon in a calendar month.

  • For more "Blue Moon" info read the following articles :
    What is a Blue Moon
    Once in a Blue Moon

    Click to view a "Blue Moon" calendar.

    Blue Moon Facts - On Average:
    • Blue Moons occur once every 2.7 years.

    • 7 times every 19 years.

    • Once every 33 months.

    • 37 times every century.

    • Once every 33 full moons.

    Question: What's more rare than a blue moon.
    Answer: A month with no full moon
    This phenomenon happen only four times this past century,
    the last in February 1999. In fact February is the only month
    in which this can occur. The month before and the month
    afterwards will both have blue moons. The 21st century will see
    the event only four times: February 2018, 2037, 2067, and 2094.

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    <<<<< Moon Links >>>>>

  • Astronomy Links.Com
  • Keith's Ultimate Moon Links List

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