Fireball Train Leonids 98
This photo was taken the morning of November 17, 1998
around 3:40 a.m. CST. The fireball had already began
to dissipate when I snap this shot. The duration of the
train lasted from 10 to 20 seconds and was without
a doubt the brightest meteor I have ever observed.
Unfortunately this was the only Leonids meteor I was
to capture on film that night. The view is south.

The star "Sirius" is the bright object at upper center.

Film: Kodak Max 400 asa
Camera: Canon AE-1
Lens: 50mm
Exposure Time: 35 seconds.
Location: Near Athens, AL. USA

If anyone else happen to view or photograph this
fireball please e-mail me at
or describe the event in my Guest Book

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