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3 planets & Moon, Aurora, Jupiter Clouds

35mm Photo Gallery...
Hale-Bopp Gallery -  My photos of the "Great Comet" of  97
Night Sky Gallery  I -     Stars, Planets, The Milky Way and other night delites
Night Sky Gallery  II -    More Night Sky Wonders.
Satellite Gallery -   Snaps of MIR and other man made satellites
Moon Gallery -      Quarter, Half and Red Moon Photos. 
Hale-Bopp PanoView -    Panoramic View Of Hale-Bopp
JPL's Pic Of The Day -    This photo headed "What's New For 6/1/97" at JPL
Leonids 98 -    My only photo of the 1998 Leonids meteor shower.
Aurora 2000-    A few of my photos from the April 6th 2000 aurora event.
Photo Gallery (Frames)-    A frames version of my photo gallery.

Astrophotography Tips and Tools...
Tripod Photography -   Tips, Techniques And Info On 35mm Wide-Field Photography.
Dark Skies Locator -   Use this page to find a dark sky location near you !!!
Guest Gallery -   Photos from other photographers. Send me your photos
Photo Opportunities -  A night by night view from "Earth & Sky" .

Programs, Pages, Etc...
Astronomy Programs...
Telescope Calculator -  Calculate magnification values of a telescope including:
  1. Maximum Magnification Value - Greatest magnification acceptable for given mirror size.
  2. Magnification Value - Determined by dividing the focal length by the eyepiece value.
  3. 2x Barlow Value - Multiply the magnification by two.

 Press button to launch calculator.
Where In The World is MIR -  A Real Time View of Space Station MIR, ISS and Shuttle.
  • Click Here For The Current Location of
  •   "Space Station Mir",
      "StarShine Satellite", "The Space Shuttle"  or  "Int. Space Station".  
  • Get NASA's J-Pass Satellite Tracking program featured on CNN.

  • 2002 Countdown Clock -  A second by second countdown to January 1, 2002 

       Display small window with countdown in progress.

    Astronomy Pages...
    Keith's Moon Page -  A must see for the lunar enthusiast.
    Planetary Weight Watching -  Calculate your weight on other planets.
    Where I'm Located -  My earthly location as seen from "Outer Space".
    Hale-Bopp And Friends -     Watch as HB performs a cosmic dance (Java)

    Astronomy Sounds...

    Satellite Sounds -   Hear  Sputnik 1, Sputnik 40 and other satellite audio by clicking below.
      Sputnik 40 Launched From MIR 11/97. -
      Sputnik 1 October 4, 1957 Transmission - .au   .wav(110k)
      Explorer 1 America's First Orbiting Satellite. -
      Vanguard 1 Launched March 1958. -
      Space Station MIR Downlink Telemetry. -
    Astronomy Audio - Listen to Meteor, Moon and Aurora Audio.
      Aurora Audio - Radio distrubance caused by the northern lights. .wav(200k)
      Big Bang - Sound remnants from deepest space. This is where time began. .wav(119k)
      Comsic Debris - More deep space audio phenomena. .wav(92k)
      Earth's Atmosphere - Earthly sounds known as whistlers. .wav(85k)
      Moonbounce(EME) - A radio signal bounced off the moon and back to earth .wav(150k)
      Perseid Meteor - A perseid meteor strikes the ionsphere. .wav(180k)
      Pulsar 0329+54 - This pulsar rotates about 1.4 times a seconds. .wav(65k)
      Pulsar 1937+21 - This pulsar rotates 642 times a seconds. .wav(60k)
      Vela Pulsar - Hear a rapidly rotating neutron star in the constellation Vela. .wav(107k)

    Astronomy Weather...

    Observers Forecast -   Is it cloudy or clear ? Plan your sky gazing here.

    Fast forecast...Enter a state, city, country, zip code, or station code:
    Examples: "AL", "Huntsville", "Germany", "35758", or "HSV"
    Astronomy & Astrophotography
         About.com Astrophotography
         Amateur Astrophotography Links
         Astronomical Images By Alessandro Cipolat Bares
         Astronomy Links
         Astronomy Pictue of The Day
         Brian's Space Hotlist
         Dave Lakey's Astronomy Links
         Jan Curtis (Aurora's Northern Nights)
         Jeff MacQuarrie's Astronomy Homepage
         Jim's Astrophotography Page
         Keith's Astrophotography & Astronomy Page
         Mike Boschat's Astronomy Links
         Manchester Astronomical Society
         Mikkel Steine Astronomy & Photography
         Personal Pages of Astronomers
         Study Web - Astrophotography
         The Astronomical Society of Singapore
         Universe Today
         Yahoo Astrophotography

    Comets And Meteors
         Comets and Meteors - Gary W. Kronk
         Comet Hale-Bopp Home Page
         Comet Observers Home Page
         Leonid 98 Meteor Outburst Mission
         Meteor Astronomy Links
         Stardust Comet Mission

         Constellation Photos
         North Polar Constellation List
         Photographic Guide to the Constellations
         The Constellations
         The Constellations and their Stars

         Earth & Sky
         Star Date
         Space Day
         The Nine Planets
         The Space Place

         Astronomy Magazine
         Astronomy Now
         Sky & Telescope

    Satellite Sites
         Amateur Satellite Observers Of SE Virginia
         Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation
         Satellite Passes Over American Cities
         Visual Satellite Observer's Page

        ARRL - My Call is WD4EPN.
         NASA Headlines
         SETI - Search For ET

    Web Rings  - Visit other astronomical sites on the internet !


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