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Astronomy & Astrophotography
Moon Complete listings of my original astrophotography and astronomy pages
are located at Keith's Astro Page , or click on any of the items listed below.

My favorites are 'Keith's Moon Page' and 'Tripod Astrophotography'.
Give Them A Look !!!

This is a small sample of the programs and page related to astronomy
and astrophotography that can be found by visiting the above sites !!!

The Homer Home Page 
One pups attempt at creating a web page worthy of viewing. Homer has listed a
few of his favorite things in life including: Photos, Links, Games etc...
Also included are a few Homer Haikus by guest author Haley C.
Homer's Home Page

Cliff Clavin's Trivia Geek Page 
Cliff Clavin A collection of worthless trivia facts that would even make Cliff Clavin proud.
Trivia is grouped into several categories including: Entertainment, The Human Body,
Wild Kingdom, Places,
etc... Also included are a few of Cliff's infamous quotes.
Cliff Clavin Trivia

Digital Photography
JamCam Camera A page with over 25 original digital photographs made with an entry level JamCam digital camera.
Included are photographs, specifications and a short How-To Guide on editing digital photographs.
JamCam Digital Photography

Haley's Home Page
Haley Haley's favorite things are but a few of the items found on my niece's home page.
Included are photos, links and a special audio greeting from Haley herself !!!
Haley's Home Page

KC's Xterra Page

Xterra A site that includes pictures, links and reviews about my
Alpine Green 2000 Nissan Xterra. Check the "X" out.
KC's Xterra Page

Top Movies Listings

A listing of the top 100 movies of all time from the American Film Institute.
Along with the top 50 movies for TV from TV Guide. More listings to follow.

Top Movies

My Favorite Links

These links are the ones I visit the most !!!

  • Yahoo
  • Cnet
  • Sky & Telescope
  • X-Files
  • TV Guide On-Line
  • ESPN SportsZone
  • Ask Jeeves
  • The Smoking Gun

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