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From Pam, via one of the fan club email lists -- she has heard that his latest directing endeavor, Betrunner,
is about a woman taking horse track bets at a casino. He debuted it at the Palm Springs Internat'l Festival of Short Films that took place 8-31-04 thru 9-6-04. If you want to read more about this event, visit The Desert Sun and do a search for Vincent.

You know, I've gotten quite a few emails from people who have met Vincent. All have said what a nice, genuine person he is. I've heard many stories about people actually meeting a star and being treated rudely. So it is really cool to find out that he is such a nice guy. But not altogether surprising. I mean, how could anyone with dimples that deep ever act ugly? Ha ha.
"Deathlands: Homeward Bound" aired on the Sci-Fi channel on Saturday, May 17th @ 9PM, and then again at 1AM EST. My review, and a short rant, can be found here.
Click here for the Sci-Fi Channel's page about the movie. Photo of Ryan Cawdor from Dahtillo, thanks girl!
Here are more links regarding the movie -- from the Canadian Society of Cinematographers, and the Sneak Peek page.

Congratulations to Vincent! His short film "Tony & Bobby", which he directed, produced and edited, won Best Short Film at the LA Italian Film Awards Fesitval on Sunday night, May 4th.  This short was written by one of  his partners, Tom Donahoe (who also wrote the feature "The Carolers", which is still seeking financing ... Tom also produced this short with him).  Vincent is now an award winning filmmaker!!! This short film has been sought for distribution by a company in New York  and should be accessible to the public sometime next year. His fans already knew Vincent was fabulous, and now it seems others are recognizing it too!  Go dude!

If you haven't joined the VS fan lists, you are missing out! Get more info here.

Deathlands will be on the Sci-Fi Channel on Dec. 26, 2004.  There are many more December appearances of  VS in movies, altho some dope in the scheduling department at one network aired "The Christmas Path" in freeekin'  *November*, so I missed it. Check out monthly appearances  here.

At  this link there was info on Vincent and directing films. I can't find that info anymore on the site, but it may return, so I will leave the link up. Hopefully he will still want to be in front of the camera as well as making things happen behind it. Also, a couple of folks have mentioned that VS was spotted getting things ready for a late September film festival. No word yet on the outcome of that.

Pamela sent Tammy a link about the Lake Arrowhead Film Festival, where "Tony and Bobby" (Vincent's short film) was showing. This is an article written by someone who was Vincent's table partner. Check it out.

Check out a review of  'The Rats' here. I haven't been able to watch it all the way through, myself. That black light thing and that flying ear really squicked me out pretty bad. One day I'll make it all the way through, though.

For more info on the Deathlands film and the book series, visit these two sites. A photo from the upcoming movie is in the photos section of this page.     Catherine has also done a synopsis of the characters, see it here.

The deal with Blockbuster to release "Silence" apparently didn't work out, so they've withdrawn from that approach, at least for awhile. The producer of the movie said "Silence" will eventually be available on VHS and DVD, but he did not know exactly when. One interesting item:  they shot "Silence" in 20 days which was extremely difficult.  Normally it would take 45-60 days.  And then when they had quite a few problems with one of the actresses on the set, they lost entire scenes, had to cut lines, etc.

Well, Medusa's Child was supposed to come on Lifetime network not too long ago, so we all got our vcrs ready, and got all happy and everything (especially those who have never seen it, like me) and then they did not show it. They didn't bother to change the listing, either, so I got 6 hours of some father-abuses-son type of thing. Yuck.. Grrr.... "Lifetime, television to irritate women."

If you'd like to read the birthday wishes sent to Vincent from online fans for his birthday, click here.

NEWS! 09-26-02 A short film Vincent directed, edited and produced called "Tony & Bobby" has been selected for the LA International Short Film Festival.  The specific day and time of the screening is not yet scheduled (October 15 - 20) but they should be updating their website with that information soon. Check it out!

Okay, the latest news I hear on Rats (thanks Dottie!) is that it will be on television:

120 minutes- USA, 2001, Premiere,In Stereo; directed by John Lafia and starring: Vincent Spano, Madchen Amick, Shawn Michael Howard, and Daveigh Chase;  a  rodent attack on a department-store shopper leads to the realization that New York may soon be overrun by vermin. Thursday, September 19  08:00P on FOX

I saw an ad selling advance copies of the Rats DVD. According to the company, which is in Canada, the release date of the DVD is October the 15th. I don't know about in the U.S. It didn't say if there are any special features or interviews on the dvd.  I have also heard that copies can be bought at

From what I hear these days, "The Rats" will be premiering this fall on Fox. Maybe even on Halloween!

Wow, so much has happened. Sorry I am so behind on my updates! It's June 16th, 2002.  I've got the scoop, though! First of all, there is a new photo to see, if you want to visit the special photos section. Also, Texas Rangers came out on video and dvd, so be sure to check that out. The movie "Silence" premiered on May 12, 2002,  in Kansas City. It showed at 7:30 at the Rio theater in Overland Park. Vincent was not there for the premiere, at least that is what I have heard. I have also heard that the movie might be a direct-to-video release, so I am hopeful that we can see it soon. The long-awaited film, "The Rats" is supposed to be released on video and dvd on June 19, 2002. So keep an eye out for that!

I got a copy of the audio book by Jay McInerney, "The Business and Other Stories," by Dove Audio. It is really enjoyable. As a writer, I enjoy good stories, and as a fan, I enjoy hearing Vincent read them even more. He reads two stories, and does a great job. It is definitely something you will want to find for yourself. They often have copies for sale on ebay, or you can check out your favorite new or used bookstore, or your  library's selection of audiobooks.

I've added some new links, check them out. Hope you all didn't get pinched today... or maybe you're into that! Happy St. Patrick's Day.  The site has passed the 5,000 visits mark here.  It's just so cool. Thanks to everyone who has visited! I'm hoping to get a little something together to celebrate that.

Okay. Y'all are not going to believe these photos.  Go to the photo section of this page and check out  what's new. These are divine. You are going to love them... right from the movies.  All I can say is, wow! And thanks to the friend who sent them to me. You are the best!

Kathy K. you are just the best! Kathy was on the set (and is actually in a scene of ) Silence, which will be coming out sometime early next year, I believe. She took photos.... oh, did she take photos. She is a big Bruce Boxleitner fan, and she got to meet both Bruce and Vincent. Bruce had his own posse of  fans, but you know, if any of us Vincent fans had known, we would have been in Kansas City as well. The new photo in the menu is from Kathy -- isn't it great?  Visit the links and photos section for more great photos from her. Once again, thanks Kathy!

While Vincent was in NY for the benefit screening of "Jenifer" , he visited the workers at the WTC site. This report comes from someone who works indirectly with Vincent, and was posted on the email list: He arrived in NY at night on Sunday October 14th.  His sister, Jennifer, had already been volunteering her time to the Salvation Army for 3 weeks at that point.  He was very proud of her.  He wanted to go down there with her and meet all the terrific people she was working with ... people who were donating their time and helping with the recovery effort ... and help her and them in any way he could.

It was a rainy, Sunday night in NYC and he did not get down there until 11 PM.  He accompanied his sister and he did drive around on the golf carts with other volunteers, bringing refreshments to the emergency workers.  When he was asked to autograph this or that, it was his pleasure.  When he was asked to pose for a PERSONAL picture with one of the volunteers, it was his pleasure.

He remained there until 3:30 AM, close to Salvation Army Canteen 1, in the rain, to keep the firemen and policemen company ... talking about whatever they wanted to talk about.  Although he is not a rescue worker, nor trained to do such things, he wanted to help dig through the rubble if that would have helped other families and other loved ones get quicker closure to this horrible event.

Thanks to Ming for this report.

I mentioned before that Vincent had done some voice work -- reading short stories aloud for audio books. If you would like to find the book either at a bookseller or your local library, here is the info you will need. The audio book is by Jay McInerney. The title is "Business and Other Stories," by Dove Audio. "Various readers perform this unabridged seven short story collection with tales involving the 'human condition'."  Vincent reads two stories, I believe. I'll post more when I get my copy into my hands.

Hope everyone caught the premiere of  The Jenifer Estess Story on CBS on Sunday, October 21st @ 9:00 ET. If you want more information, check out this link.

Related to the upcoming television premiere of the movie, there was an ALS Benefit Premiere Screening of the film on Tuesday night, October 16th in New York City. Vincent was there.  Donna Hanover, Mayor Giuliani's former wife has been quite involved with Project ALS so I'm sure she was there with other New York dignitaries. It must have been quite an event.

Of course, Vincent's birthday was this week. Many good wishes to him, and to all his fans too!

As I'm sure you noticed, "The Rats" did not air on Sept. 17th. I had a suspicion that it wouldn't, since the story takes place in New York City,  but I had my VCR all set anyway.  The movie will air, but details on exactly when are not set -- but hopefully before the end of this year. The delay is because of sensitivity to the recent tragedy in New York -- the movie featured some scenes of the World Trade Center towers that were destroyed in the horrible terrorist attacks. The movie will be digitally altered to remove this material.

News on 'Silence'... a new internet friend, Kathy, was on the set not too long ago, and provided a link to Waldo West Films International. Scroll down for a link to an article on the upcoming film. In this film, Vincent and Bruce Boxleitner are policemen. Kathy's working on a report and some photos (!!!) from the set. Those should be coming around sometime next month. She said Vincent was very nice, and friendly, and played with a football in between scenes. I'm jealous, it would be great to meet him!

The movie he did for Fox, "The Colony", with Madchen Amick, is now called "The Rats" (anyone remember Hitchcock's "The Birds"?). It will air on Monday, September 17th, so get those VCR's ready.

Keep your eyes open for the "The Carolers" --  Spano's directorial debut. No word on completion or release, but the movie, a kind of  "Stand by Me" meets "It's a Wonderful Life", sounds intriguing.  Great folks lined up for this, not only Vincent directing, but also writer Tom Donahoe (this would be Tom's first produced screenplay),  and producers Doug Claybourne and Fred Roos.

Vincent completed the CBS movie-of-the-week  "The Jenifer Estess Story" in June.  It should air this November. It has a great cast -- Jenifer is played by Laura San Giacomo (Pretty Woman, Just Shoot Me) -- Emmy committee take notice!!!  Vincent will play Jack, the love of her life, before and after she was stricken with her disease. More info available here.

May '2001 --  Vincent Spano and Mädchen Amick to star in "The Colony" on Fox.  Production on two-hour event feature begins this month in Toronto

Fox TV Pictures has started production on "The Colony", a two-hour telepic for Fox Broadcasting Co. about a clan of  evil rats, from producers Robert Cort and David Madden  ("Save the Last Dance") with Mädchen Amick and Vincent Spano. In the thriller, a colony of verminous creatures overtakes a Manhattan department store and threatens to overrun the city. " 'The Colony' will be a great ride, but at the same time, it will be truly terrifying as it taps into all of our most primal fears", said Marci Pool, exec VP of movies and minis for Fox.

The film features extensive computer-generated imaging  (CGI) and animatronics. FOX and Fox TV Pictures -- the original  made-for-TV movies and mini-series unit within Fox Television Studios --  will utilize state-of-the-art digital production to complement the more than  400 live rats (orchestrated by the world's pre-eminent "rat wrangler", Brian Gibbs) that make up the vast majority of "The Colony" cast.  John Lafia ("Child's Play II", "Man's Best Friend") directs, Robert Cort and  David Madden (the current box office hit "Save the Last Dance") produce and Frank Deasy ("Prozac Nation", "Captives") and Tommy Lee Wallace ("Halloween", "Vampires II") are the writers.

Taken from UPN...
Spano Exits UPN's 'Freedom'  Mon, May 22, 2000 02:47 PM PDT
LOS ANGELES (Zap2It) - Vincent Spano ("Alive" ) is out of the lead role in the new UPN action series, "Freedom," according to The Hollywood Reporter. The action series from Joel Silver's Silver Pictures and Warner Bros. Television was to feature Spano as Col. Cally Beach, a gutsy Marine in charge of an elite military unit. Spano will appear in the upcoming flick "Texas Ranger" with Dylan McDermott and James Van Der Beek.  No one seems to know why he won't be in this....  although I don't believe I'd want to play a character with the name 'Cally Beach'. For more on this visit the links section.

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