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Links and photos of Vincent can be hard to come by. If you have photos or links you would like to share or contribute, please send them to me. I'll give you credit for them and would be glad to add your link.

To keep up with all of the news and happenings regarding VS, join the email  lists. Both are great, friendly, and relatively low traffic, so they are easy to enjoy. Click to find more info on the Vincent Spano list and the Vincent Spano Fan Club, both housed in Yahoo Groups. They also have some nice photo files that they share there.

Movie Photos
Let me say, when I started this site in June of  2000, I had NO idea I would ever have photos like this. Thank you, thank you to the friend who sent these to me... you are just the best!

Over The Edge Black Stallion Returns
Blood Ties 1
Good Morning, 
Baby, It's You 1 Rumble Fish
Blood Ties 2
Baby, It's You 2 Maria's Lovers
Blood Ties 3
Texas Rangers

Smaller Photos

Prophecy III Alphabet City poster The Tie That Binds
Candid shot A great smile The Unknown Cyclist b&w
Zothael Jones & Gabriel "Dr." Steven from Goosed Baby It's You
Brett and Janet From the Roots site Downdraft
Still from Alphabet City Prince Street shot Unknown Cyclist poster

Special Photos

A brand new photo, very nice indeed. I put it up at a kind of small size because of server space and load time, but if you want a larger copy, you can email me.

Check out this Dolce and Gabbana advertisement from Grazia magazine 1992, very, very generously donated to me by Amuit. Check his auctions out, won't you? He is a wonderful guy. Be very, very careful when you click on this link, because everyone in this photo -- Isabella Rossellini, Monica Bellucci, and Vincent of course -- is unbelievably smoking hot. Heck, even the furniture looks  hot. Don't say I didn't warn you, and don't get burned!

Straight from the yellowing pages of  "Teen Beat" is a photo of  Vincent, this appeared in the magazine around the time 'The Black Stallion Returns' finished filming. Hmm... Vincent, is that a 'Member's Only' jacket? After all, it was the early 80s...

This one is from Premiere magazine, special issue, 1994, when they did shoots of current stars in scenes from older movies.  Vincent poses much like Marlon Brando in "On the Waterfront." Ah.... he coulda been a contendah... we miss you Brando.

Two black and white press kit photos from  Medusa's Child, the four-hour miniseries that originally aired Nov. 16-20, 1997, by Michael Tighe/ABC, all rights reserved, for editorial use only. Check here to see Vincent towering nicely above all the other cast members, and here to see him alone, looking very 'do what I say or get smacked, and not in a good way'.

This link leads to a nice montage of photos from The Ascent.

Brand new, a nice color photo, new to enjoy here at the beginning of 2005.

Vincent as Ryan Cawdor, from the Deathlands series.

A really nice black and white portrait.

Photos from Kathy K., from the set of Silence, latter part of June, 2001.  Vincent signs autographs for fans on the set during a break.  Playing football during a break... Kathy said he was throwing some really long passes. Okay, have to say it.... look at those arms! How many hours a day does this man work out? Anyway... um, where was I? Oh, yes... a great shot of Vincent, a wonderful candid shot with a beautiful smile. He was speaking Italian with someone who worked on the set. Told you she took some great photos.

Nice black and white shot, unsigned. Click here to see it.

I now have a brand-new photo to share. It was sent to me by  Michio in Tokyo, Japan. It is a great shot of Vincent's character, Nick, from "City of  Hope". Thank you, Michio! Click here for the photo.

From US magazine, Vincent's photo when he was chosen as one of the top 10 bachelors in Hollywood. The article is included with the photo. It's a long load, but worth it. Really.

Someone very sweet sent me this photo, from "Good Morning, Babylon". The article that accompanies the photo includes this quote, "Ah, those lips, those eyes -- and the woman isn't bad looking either." Click here to view Spano's and co-star Greta Scacchi's splendor in the grass. Taken from Newsweek.

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