You can never be invisible. You want to avoid your
  landlord, or your ex?  Forget it.

People always stare at you like you're a creature with three eyes. They also look at your hair, rather than into your eyes

Old men with Rita Hayworth still on the brain will smack
their lips at you.

  You provoke randy behavior-- even from dogs.
Nicknames are spawned monthly for you by your friends, your lover(s), your mailman.
You get to be difficult, moody, silly, sullen. You're allowed to be yourself in all your moods and there's no guilt. This is definitely a plus.

When you get pissed off, your boyfriend doesn't ask you if it's your period. He just thinks it's your hair.

You don't have to join clubs or play board games at

You can be a loner and stare at the fire if you like (my biggest plus).

Insecure women won't like you, because red hair is like a red cape in a bullfight arena. It makes male hormones surge.

Minus? No, plus. Who needs insecure friends?
If you're an actress, you'll probably get a role tailored specifically for you to highlight your crotch (see Altman's Short Cuts).

If you happen to have been born a blonde or a brunette, you can pretend to be a redhead, but you'll always be shown up.

You've simply had it too easy.