Then somehow, as we emerged from adolescence, our suspicious, wounded nature became misperceived as cool independence.

The long fact of our loneliness causes us to seem to want to be alone, which is, of course, an alluring adult quality.

We find ourselves suddenly transformed-- from childhood losers to fantasy girls and sex kittens.

Suddenly people become nice -- way nice in fact.

Everytime you order a scoop of ice cream you get a bigger scoop than everyone else. People open doors, doormen wink, no one ever shortchanges you.

People smile, even in New York City.

Redheads get royal treatment. Of course, having seen the other side of the coin, and knowing how fickle people can be, we become cynical and retreat still further into our woundedness.

As 8% of the population (in the U.S.), we're an ethnicity unto ourselves, and deserve to be considered as such.

On forms where one puts an "X" next to Latino, Asian, African-American, why not add  Redhead  to the list?
What about grants and affirmative action programs?

    If non-redheads knew the way we were stigmatized, maybe we'd get some special consideration and be retroactively compensated for our wounds.