Silky & Sooty 

Then one day, I went into a local store for supplies. An aquarium store, mind you. This should be safe, no? Well, no. It wasn't.

There was a spot in the back, and there they were. They had no names. They were living together in a tiny cage. Someone had dumped them. Of course, to get them, I had to buy them. But that was okay. We all needed each other. I named them Silky and Sooty. Silky has the longest, funniest hair in the universe. I trim it, so she can see. Sooty is a round little girl, inky black, except for a few white hairs on her back right foot. She has a few rosettes, too.

They are very hard to photograph. They are almost always together, and Sooty is so very black and Silky is so very white that the camera just goes berserk. Silky is funny and bossy and not afraid of much. Sooty is very, very shy, even though we've been together a long time. Sooty also is a little, um, how you say, um, plump. Kind of like a little black bowling ball. She is so inky black, but on her right back foot she has some white hairs just above her toes.

Silky resembles a cross between a little furry lap dog, a big fuzzy caterpillar, an unruly mop with feet, and a guinea pig, especially when her hair is grown out. She hates having her hair cut, and won't stand a brushing either. They are very cute together. And they love visiting with Precious in the apartment next door. The hideous neon stripe things you see are their water bottle holders. In case you wondered. Silky will eat anything you give her with great gusto, while Sooty regards anything out of the ordinary (fruits, usually) as totally poisonous. Silky is more than happy to eat Sooty's portion.

Silky was diagnosed with Cushing's Disease in 2005, and so far is doing okay. One day that won't be the case, and I'll have to figure out what to do about her, and about Sooty, who I don't think can live without her. I can't introduce any new gps because Silky's immune system may be compromised. So we'll just wait and see, and enjoy their funny antics as long as we can!

If you have a guinea pig that has been diagnosed with it or you suspect it, you can find out more about it here. Or go to this site and do a search for it if the link won't take you there. Some symptoms are hair loss, and massive fluid retention in the tummy area.

Unfortunately, it is time to update this page.  Sooty, my super-shy little girl, passed away in early February, 2007. Her spleen just went berserk and grew and grew. I didn't find this out until afterward. My doctor and I thought it was probably a cancerous tumor. I was getting her ready for her final trip to the vet to ease her out of this world and out of her pain, when she passed away with Silky by her side.

I was worried about Silky, but she bounced back from losing her like the little trooper that she is, and she is now my one and only pig.  From five to one.  Silky certainly does have a lot of houses and pigloos and dishes and water bottles available to her. Not to mention room in her gigantic C&C cage and attention from her Mom.  She is much friendlier now, and doesn't mind being held, although she has food on her mind the whole time.

Older Photos

Silky with her hair trimmed; Sooty suspiciously peers out of a paper bag during playtime.
Both waiting for a snack (Silky is standing).

They lived in a nice big "double wide" apartment next to Precious before she passed away.

All three neighbors together for a snack and a chat.
Sooty's booty faces you; Silky scrounges behind the
bowl; and Precious enjoys her own private portion.

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Care & Housing 

Home: Silky and Sooty live together in a slightly bigger than four and a half foot by two and a half foot cubes and coroplast 'apartment'; Precious lives in a two and a half foot by two and a half foot cubes and coroplast 'apartment' next to them, the bottom of the cage is one long coroplast 'box'. The cage has a lid and support structures and is cat-proof.

Bedding: scattered Critter Care (an unscented paper-based bedding to control moisture, odor) covered with white paper towels and white, unscented facial tissue and white, unscented toilet tissue, and scattered Timothy hay, changed daily.

Hiding places: Wooden houses, coroplast box houses, plastic pigloos, an occasional brown paper bag for fun

Diet: Romaine lettuce, mini tomatoes, assorted lettuces (endive, raddichio, green leaf, some others, but NO spinach), Timothy hay, Oxbow timothy pellets, some shredded carrots, dried carrot 'healthy toppings' for treats, bottled water, occasional oat or orchard grass hay, and of course, a few bites of paper towel now and then -- especially if some tomato juice leaked onto it. Apparently paper towels are quite delicious.