Honey & Teddy 

I bought a healthy female on November 4, 2001, and named her Honey. She was the lone pig in the shop. She is the colors of honey, and maple syrup, and brown sugar, and peanut butter. But boy, was I disappointed. She was nothing at all like Cupid -- I didn't really expect her to be, but she wasn't even friendly. She was terrified of everything, especially me. And she was a biter. She just couldn't get used to anything. After months of gentle treatment, treats and attention, she still stayed hidden most of the time. She still trembled when I picked her up. I loved her anyway, even though it was difficult sometimes.

Miss Honey-Bunny

Then, on February 13, 2002, I met a big, fuzzy female at a pet store. They kept her in the back room of the store. I'm still not sure why. The guy said I could have her at half price if I would just take her. They didn't seem to think anyone would ever want her, because she was so big. She was so calm, it was unbelievable. She has hair that is black at the roots and golden brown at the tips. She has big butt-puff rosettes, and coffee-brown eyes. I had to have her. So Teddy came home with us.

Miss Ted-Ted

Teddy is so mellow. Honey hated her, at first. And then she liked her. And she was jealous. She became very affectionate toward me, I suppose she was vying for my attention. She stopped biting. Teddy never started biting. It was great.

Good neighbors out for a romp

Of course, she and Teddy do not share a cage. They would squabble too much. They love being neighbors, though. They no longer fight when put together for exercise. It has been a great transformation for Honey, who is now a sweet girl who loves to be cuddled, and for Teddy, who is more now more active and gets all the attention she can handle. I adore them both. Teddy has firmly established herself as boss pig when they are together. But then one day...

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