Precious' Story 

Then one day, I went into a local store for supplies, when I spied a tri-color female in a cage all alone. I noticed she had no hair on her hind end. Of course, I immediately questioned the people there about why she was in such bad shape. They told me she had been abandoned by her owner, and the person she was left with kept her in a dirty, dirty cage for so long that her hair fell out. The person was threatening to just put her outside, loose, so the store took her in. They said she was about a year and a half old.

She was very sweet, in spite of her trauma, and so after some deliberation, I brought her home on August 10, 2002. We went through quite a bit with her, medically speaking (Precious' Health page), but now she seems to be doing well, and has personality to spare, and the loudest wheeks in the world. She wants to be boss pig, so Teddy had to inform her that the job was already taken. There were some interesting, silly, squealing tiffs between the trio during floor time, but no real fighting.

The three little pigs share a snack

Honey and Precious (a.k.a.Pumpkin Butt) share a secret

The girls all loved being neighbors. Each one of the three had an apartment in their 6-foot, catproof Creative Cubes and Coroplast cage. They love their home so much. Precious is very protective of hers... if she thinks you are messing around with it too much, a nip is soon to follow. Unfortunately, Precious is having problems with bladder stones, despite a good diet -- No alfalfa pellets or hay!  Those of you who have been in this situation know how difficult it can be.

Precious and Moo-Moo demonstrate
the cat-proofness of  the C and C cage
Look at this face! Precious is an active pig with personality, and a lot to say. She has been through a lot, but still keeps her chin up. Her long past medical history, as sent to the helpful members of the Guinea Pig Daily Digest, is here, and also some new info on what she has been through with the bladder stones. Visit Precious' Health page...

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