Oreo & Cupid 

First, I must pay tribute to my very first pig, Oreo, a black and white female. I got her when I was in sixth grade, which was a reeeeeally long time ago. Like, decades. She was a darling girl. This is not the best photo I have of her, but it is the one I can find!

My second pig came to live with us on February 14th, 2001. He was an adorable crested red and white male. We named him Cupid, and he was an adorable little boy. He wasn't afraid of anything or anyone. He suffered from health problems the entire time I had him, and even with much care and many, many visits to a guinea pig specialist, he passed away sometime during the night of October 31- November 1, 2001, just when I thought he was getting a little better from the illness he had at that time.

He completely broke all of our hearts, and I still miss his yawning and stretching when I picked him up, his rumblestrutting, and his pink nose, toes and his squeaks and hops. He even had his own little songs. Here he is, posing for his Easter portraits, and here is one of his little songs, too.

Once upon a time there was a pig-wig,
a pig-wig so precious and rare --
I never thought that I would have a pig-wig
With vanilla and strawberry hair.

It wasn't too long before I felt lonesome for another pig to be in the house. So...

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