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It is time for another much overdue update; it is June 2, 2007. The last updates were August 9, 2006, and November 8, 2005.

One thing that will never change is that I love Guinea pigs. They are also known as Cavies, from their scientific name. Some scientists argue that they are not even rodents, but deserve their own special classification, because they must be given Vitamin C every day, just like humans. But whatever you call them, there are many people who love them. And often call them piggies or G.P.s.

It has been a long time since the first draft of this page was put online in 2002, and many things have happened. Here is the full crew of 5 that I had for a while. Since that photo was taken, Teddy passed away very suddenly from cancer in late June of 2004, and Honey had problems with her teeth, depression from Teddy's death and other health problems, and passed away the last week in October of 2004. That was not a great year for any of us.

Precious, my little hopping, funny and spirited piggie, was released from this life a few days before Christmas of 2005. She had many bad bouts with bladder stones, and actually had surgery earlier in 2005 to remove them. She did great. But they were a recurring problem, one she took medicine for every day. She got a lot of extra pampering, since she had seniority and health issues. Sooty, my super-shy little inky black girl, passed away in early February, 2007. Silky, with her long funny hair, is still with me. Silky and Sooty came to live with me in the fall of 2003.

One question I've gotten is how I got them all to sit still, and together, for this photo -- especially since Teddy, Precious, and Silky are all "boss" pigs. Well, the answer is parsley, parsley, parsley, and more parsley. That's not Easter grass in that basket, it was parsley! Everyone was shocked that all those big wide pig behienies fit into one basket, but, let me say, it was a tight fit and a BIG basket... AND I shot an entire roll of film to be sure to get one good photo. And it was so worth it! Even if Silky's punk rock hair and Sooty's dark color make them hard to see. Please visit my piggie pages for more info and pictures on these cuties.

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