A Different Interactive Ego Booster

The Interactive Ego Booster was a favorite link on my page for a very long time.  When my pages had to move, I decided to update the links on my homepage.  Sadly, the original Ego Booster was nowhere to be found on the Internet. I found a lot of links to the original's old address.

So for the sake of everyone feeling blue online, and because I miss the original, I created my own.  I'm not an egomaniacal freak or anything, I just thought it was pretty funny. I tried to remember a few lines from the original, but I didn't want to copy it too much.

An update! The creator of the original emailed me, and said he was glad to see that someone was still keeping the tradition up.  He emailed me, and you are welcome too as well.

Now, on to the ego boosting.

Boost me

This page was created on January 28, 2000.