My sweet little Bunny
died unexpectedly during a veterinarian visit on September 3, 2003, and we are in mourning. I had him for such a short time. He was my solace, and my soft, sweet stress relief during the many difficult days I was experiencing at that time. Petting him and experiencing the happy flop, bunny kisses and purrs, and happy bunny binkies is something that will remain in my heart. I had no idea that bunnies were so special and loving. If you have a bunny stuck outdoors in a hutch, you are really missing out, and so is your bunny. Bunny loved me in spite of all of the bad bunny puns he had to endure when I sang to him...  "Everybunny loves somebunny sometime..." and "My bunny lies over the ocean, my bunny lies over the sea, oh bring back my bunny to me..." and "You're my Mata Hare-y, I wanna know your story, I feel a mad connection to you Bunny -- shake your bun-bun shake your bun-bun shake your bun-bun..."

This is the email I sent to the kind people at the Etherbun list, who had been following  his progress through a very difficult illness he had during the first weeks I had him in my life.

Subject:  [EtherBun] the answer was no.
Date:   Wed, 03 Sep 2003 17:28:22 -0500

bunny went in for his neuter today. i prayed and my husband prayed and the people at prayers for pets prayed for him to make it through safely. but the answer was no. i got the call about 30 minutes ago that he arrested during the initial sedation and they were not able to bring him back. they checked his blood and heart yesterday and everything was fine. but he did not make it. i can't believe it. i want to go and hug his haybox/litter pan and never let go. they said i could call tomorrow and tell them whether or not i want to come and get his body. to stroke his softness one more time would be beautiful, but i feel like if i see him, lifeless, i will die. i'm not sure i will be able to stand it. i went through his chart yesterday at the doctor's office and wrote down his weights that they had recorded at each vet visit. it is in my purse. yesterday he weighed 3 kg. at his first visit he weighed 256 grams. now i have his big playpen and extra tablecloths and dishes and his boxes and wooden bridges and
toys and hayboxes and no baby.

i don't even have any recent photos of him, all the ones i have are of him when he was quite small. i called him houdini on the page but he was my bun-bun, my bun-one. i am going to leave his webpage up for a little while, if you would like to see his photos, which are outdated but still so sweet.

good-bye, my dearest love. my heart breaks for you more than i can say.

Subject: [EtherBun] about Bunny
Date:  Thu, 04 Sep 2003 15:58:00 -0500

I went and picked Bunny up a little while ago. I thought I would answer some questions that people who have emailed me privately have asked. But first, thanks to all of you who have emailed, it really means a lot.

It was hard to go and get him and the things I took the day of his surgery, but I couldn't leave him there and let them throw him away or whatever they do with unclaimed dead pets. I took his water dish and an igloo house and hay box and a big towel the morning we went in so he would have his own stuff immediately pre and post op. Thankfully, the morning I took him in, I had the carrier on the bed, with a towel in it, and I opened the door, and he went hopping right in. So I didn't have to catch
him and make him go in, you know, on his way to his last vet visit ever.

The doctor is a bunny-savvy vet. He is an exotics specialist, and he has worked with me with my guinea pigs before. I asked all the questions for bunnies, what they used for everything, whether or not to fast, and they passed all the tests.

He is willing to talk about it but I am not willing to listen, not yet. He did say that you always have to tell people that when a person or pet goes under anesthesia that there is a risk they will die. I have had 6 major surgeries, and they have told me that every time. But the vet said you don't ever expect it to happen, he didn't expect it to happen, and he was so shocked. He was almost crying. He was always very professional but always after Bun's checkups he would pet him and call him a
'wascally wabbit'. He had seen Bun five times before because of snuffles that after a c and s test revealed themselves to be bordetella.

They gave me a nice box for him, and we will bury him, though just where I am not sure of yet. I am doing so-so, many tears, but last night I saw the plastic rainbow slinky I was saving for him to play with -- I tried to save new things so he wouldn't get bored -- and he never even saw it and just about lost it.

I think I will be unsubbing from this list, I will miss you all but I think it is best for now.

With great sadness,

This is his page -- now dressed in black --, which I created June 25, 2003, as a happy new bunny mom.


I'm Bethany's bunny, and I am fabulous.
I am a Dutch dwarf rabbit. Here I am at 7 weeks.


I have a pretty face, so get close, I don't bite -- yet.
But I might give you a kiss if I like you.

I live in this nice cage at night. I now have a nice hay box along with  my igloo house.
Mom makes me a bed out of many kleenex and a soft, soft blanket.
I spend most of my time in my big playpen. It's really big so I can run and romp.

Mom had to cover the outside of the cage with chicken wire, because I am so little I could slip through the regular bars like a little bunny spaghetti. So now it looks like a little bunny prison with many cable ties. Mom made me a nice, secure second story for my cage, and I hated it! So out it went. Maybe someday I'll be a house bunny, with my own room(s), but right now I am too small and adventurous to stay loose unsupervised. One reason I am fabulous is because I litter trained myself in about five minutes. Nothing to it. This made my Mom really happy.

Here I am, out for playtime, in mid-flight!
Look Mom, no feet!
Mom found out for sure that I am a boy. My name is Houdini Bunny.
I'm also called Bunny, Bun-Bun, Binky-Bun, and Hey, Stop That!
Even though I am a boy, my page is -still- this sissy pink color.
Mom has decided to keep it like this. She says it matches my nose and toes.
She's really weird.

Okay, I've had enough, I'm hopping off...
(and showing off my white socks)

Drop by again soon, I'm sure I'll do more cute stuff.

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