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Welcome to this web page which is dedicated to Christian singer Bob Bennett and his music.

This page was updated on July 30, 2016 by Jay Rinkel. I hope this information will be useful to someone. The information found on this page come from my own experiences, my own Bob Bennett collection of albums, the internet, and my communication with Bob over email. Most information on this page is now old -- however, there is no point in having a website that has broken links and such. So, on a rare occasion (like I am now) I will attempt to update the most critical information in the event someone happens by.

Bob Bennett has a great website that is being updated regularly with news, concert schedule, etc. You should go over there at Bob Bennett also has Facebook, MySpace, etc. He's pretty easy to find. In this day and age of the internet I don't even really need to post links. Just do a search -- you'll find him. His Facebook is fairly active with general comments, occasional last-minute concert announcements and such.

Please take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions before emailing me a question. Also, feel free to check out the other Bob Bennett sites (listed below) also. I do welcome emails if people have questions that aren't discussed by the FAQ and the other Bob Bennett sites (but there is a lot of territory covered now).

New Bob Bennett site now up!!

For some years, Bob has had his own, personally supervised, website. Bob has acquired as his new domain. Also, Bob put together a team of web developers to put together a new and improved, modern looking website. This is the place to go for any current happenings with Bob. Also note that previously, Bob's domain used to contain a dash between the "bob" and "bennett" in the URL. The dash is no longer required! Go check out You will like what you see!!

What's New

Here are the recent updates/additions to this web page. You may want to check Bob Bennett News for miscellaneous information concerning Bob Bennett (and this web site). Note that for the most official information you should go to

General Information

Bob Bennett is a Christian singer/songwriter who is highly skilled at playing guitar. He was a well known name in the late 1970s through the late 1980s in the Contemporary Christian Music field. Today, he likes to play church venues and house concerts and anywhere else that will take him in for some music. Occasionally, you'll see him involved with guitar playing seminars and songwriting workshops. He centers mostly around folk, acoustic driven fingerstyle guitar, style of music. In his earlier years of work, some work was more upbeat driven towards folk-rock. He has released many albums, both solo and as collaborations with others. More music is hopefully on the way soon!

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