Pyranha Acrobat 270

The Boat That Revolutionized Playboating

The Acrobat 270 is the boat for serious paddlers ad playboaters. The short length, super fine ends and high volume mid-section allows the expert paddler to perform and link controlled vertical moves, enders, pirouettes and retendos with ease. The Acrobat 270 is particularly suited to shallow playspots where the depth of water is a limiting factor against ariel moves. The Acrobat 270 features the double concave hull which creates lift and speed when surfing. The central ridge of the hull is more pronounced than other models which allows the Acrobat 270 to shred waves with ease. While the shorter length allows maneuverability and fast turns the lower rocker allows the boat to have a good waterline length and relatively fast speed.

The Acrobat 270 is the choice of expert rodeo paddles throughout the world and was the most popular and successfull production boat in the 1995 Rodeo World Championships. So if your looking for the ultimate playboat stop by your nearest dealer and check one out today.

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