A poem by Martha Cates Messer in honor of her father, Lester Cates, on his birthday (born February 02, 1902).
On 2\2\1902 a baby boy was born to George and Minnie Oliver Cates.
As time went by he met and married a beautiful girl.
God loaned them 4 children: 3 girls and 1 boy.
Then God said, “I need the boy, yall had him for 15 months.”
They were very sad.
Then God took his wife, but he looked to God above
and kept singing and whistling and teaching about the heaven above.
Just singing and whistling, always happy.
Then he met a woman named Virginia Allen Brewer.
She had 4 children: 2 boys and twin girls. But that was not to last.
He still smiled and sang and looked to the heavens above.
Today on his birthday, I am sure he is happy,
waiting on his last two girls.
He didn’t leave silver or gold, just the best gift of all.
Look to the father above, he will see us though
Martha Messer and Jimmie Lea Mitchell.
Happy Birthday Dad! ----------
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