Kilpatricks Who Served in the Revolutionary War
The following names were found in the  Daughters of the American Revolution Patriot Index - Centennial Edition, Part 2, Page 1676.
Kilpatrick, Andrew
Born 1746 in Scotland - Died March 27, 1814
Ensign, Patriotic Service, North Carolina
Married - Jane Nichols and Elizabeth McCorkle Barr
Kilpatrick, Robert
Born 8-2-1735 in Ireland - Died 6-30-1840 in South Carolina
Sargent, Pensioned Soldier, South Carolina
Married - Martha Isabelle Dunn and Anne Mac Donald
Kilpatrick, Roger
Born 1740 in Virginia- Died 1797 in Virginia
Private, Virginia
Married - Jean (?)
Kilpatrick, Samuel
Born about 1735 in New Jersey - Died about 1812 in New Jersey
Private, New Jersey
Married - Elizabeth Oliphant
Kilpatrick, Thomas
Born 1753 in Scotland - Died after 1828 in Georgia
Soldier - Georgia
Married Martha (Stokes) Scott
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