The Kilpatrick Family Cemetery
Flintville, Lincoln Co., TN
The Ephriam Reed Kilpatrick Family Cemetery is located on the side of an old chert hill near Flintville in Lincoln Co., Tennessee. It is located close to where Ephriam Reed Kilpatrick's cabin once stood near the little town of Flintville. I visited the Cemetery recently with my folks. It had been fifteen years since the last time I had been there when my Aunt Jewel was buried. The Cemetery has been kept very well. The caretaker is to be commended. I recorded the inscriptions from all the stones. The information I got there answered some questions I had, but raised others. Perhaps some of you readers came help me answer these questions. The following is a list of the inscriptions with my comments and questions:
James Herman Thompson
Born - 8/1/1884
Died - 12/29/1951
Sarah (Kilpatrick) Thompson
Born - 9/5/1898
Died - 7/22/1981
 I couldn't place this Sarah Kilpatrick. Then I looked in some marriage records and found that James H. Thompson married Sallie Kilpatrick.  Sallie was a daughter of John F. Kilpatrick.  I assume that Sallie is a nickname for Sarah.
John Wilson Thompson
Born - 10/18/1898
Died - 11/12/1918
Possibly a brother to the James Herman Thompson listed above?
Joe Earl Thompson
Born - 5/24/1933
Died - 1/21/1998
Possibly a son of Sarah Kilpatrick and James Herman Thompson listed above?

John F. Kilpatrick
Born - 1867
Died - 1936
Lela L. Kilpatrick
Born - 1879
Died - 1956
John was Ephriam's oldest son (that I know of). Lela was his second wife.
John Goodwin Kilpatrick
Born - 2/21/1920
Died -7/2/1953
John Goodwin Kilpatrick was the youngest son of John and Lela Kilpatrick.
William Edward Campbell
Born - 12/24/1911
Died - 3/9/1995
Ruby Jewel (Geer) Campbell
Born - 2/16/1919
Died - 2/6/1983
Jewel was the daughter of Lattie Mae (Cates) (Geer) Kilpatrick, and my mother's half-sister.
Mary L. (Kilpatrick) Turner
Born - 2/5/1863
Died - 3/12/1928
Mary lived in the old home place along with some of her sisters and her younger brothers. She was listed as the head of household in the 1900 Census. I can't find any more record her after this, so I assume she left the area. I also don't know the given name of the Turner that she married or any of children's names.
Phillis Ellen Hillis
Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Grady Hillis
Died 8/31/1963
I have no idea of a connection here.
Mariah M. Stiles
Born - Dec. 1896
Died - Feb. 1900
I have no idea of a connection unless she is possibly a sister to Florence (Stiles) Kilpatrick? Could there been a connection to the Stiles other than through James Porter's Kilpatrick to Florence Stiles?
Ephriam Reed Kilpatrick
Stone not inscribed
Martha (Lankford) Kilpatrick
Stone not inscribed
The stones were not inscribed but Mother said that these were their graves. Ephriam Reed Kilpatrick was born about 1822 and died in 1899. Martha was born about 1850, she died about 1886. Martha was Ephriam Reed's third wife and the mother of my grandfather James Porter Kilpatrick.
Florence (Stiles) Kilpatrick
Born - 1884
Died - 1924
     James P. Kilpatrick
     Born - 1881
     Died - 1959
Lattie (Cates) Kilpatrick
Born - 1900
Died - 1969
Florence Stiles was my Grandfather's first wife. She was he mother of Beulah, Lizzy, and Andy Kilpatrick. Lattie Mae (Cates) (Geer) Kilpatrick is the mother of Lattie Devonia Kilpatrick (my mother). Lattie Mae also had four daughters by her previous marriage, Irene, Mildred, Jewel, and Jimmi Lee. Irene and Jewel are also buried in this Cemetery.
Irene (Geer) Kilpatrick
Born - 1917
Died - 1936
Irene was the daughter of Lattie Mae (Cates) (Geer) Kilpatrick and my mother's half-sister. She was also married to James Porter Kilpatrick's son, Andy Kilpatrick.  Irene died of leukemia.
George Leonzel Stiles
Son of T. & Emma Stiles
Born - 10/10/1902
Died - 8/26/1903
Another mystery.
Y.T. Stiles
Born - 2/10/1864
Died - 2/3/1905
Yet another mystery.
Silas Hickson
Born 12/14/1911
Died 12/14/1911
I assume this a son of John Houston Hickson and Mattie Mae (Kilpatrick) Hickson.
Walter Hickson
Born - 7/23/1915
Died - 1/2/1919
Another son of John Houston Hickson and Mattie Mae (Kilpatrick) Hickson?
Roy Hickson
Born - 11/17/1912
Died - 8/11/1932
Another son of John Houston Hickson and Mattie Mae (Kilpatrick) Hickson?
John Houston Hickson
Born - 9/22/1885
Died - 6/5/1963
Mattie Mae (Kilpatrick) Hickson
Born - 4/22/1892
Died - 1/21/1951
Mattie Mae Kilpatrick was the third daughter of John F. Kilpatrick.
Rebbecca Stewart
Becky's grave is not marked.  I found this information in a book "Cemetery Records of Lincoln County Tennessee".  The book noted that the information was from the Higgins Funeral Home records.
The book "Cemetery Records of Lincoln County Tennessee" also noted that there were 5 unmarked graves in the Kilpatrick Cemetery.  That leaves two graves unaccounted for.  They could be the graves of Ephriam Reed Kilpatrick's first two wives, or possibly some of his older daughters?

If you have any information that can clear up these questions, please e-mail me.

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