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I have very little information when our Toney family came to America, but I am guessing it was probably as far back as in the 1650's.  This is just a guess, I haven't proved any of this.  Probably our first ancestor to come to America was William Toney (b. 1634) who married Ann Bishop.  I would guess they settled first in the Jamestown, Virginia area.  William begat Edward (b. 1662).  Edward begat Edmund (b. 1690).  Edmund begat Timothy (b. 1725)  Timothy begat Abraham (b. 1758).  Abraham was born in North Carolina and served in the Revolutionary War with the Roebuck Regiment, Charleston, South Carolina.  Then Abraham begat Abraham Jr. (b. 1800 in Georgia), Edmund, and Elijah.  Abraham and Elijah would leave Rutherford, North Carolina sometime between 1830 and 1840 and move to Paint Rock Valley in Jackson County, Alabama.  Edmund would move to Madison County and become a wealthy merchant and slave owner.

Abraham and Sarah would have ten children, one of whom was my 2nd-great-grandfather, Jacob Toney (b. 1826 in North Carolina).  Jacob married Melisa Gist and they would have ten children, the youngest being my great-grandfather, Charles Richardson Toney (b. 1881)  Charles married Eliza Ann Summers and they would have four children before Charles died in 1912 (he didn't live to see his youngest child born).  My grandmother, Eatheal Amanda Toney, their second child, was only four years old when her father died.  Great-Grandmother Eliza Ann would remarry.

Grandmother Eatheal Amanda Toney married my grandfather, James Carl Kilpatrick in 1928 in Huntsville, Alabama.  They would live in Hurricane Valley, Madison County, Alabama where my great-grandfather Robert Floyd Kilpatrick was already living.  They lived just off of what is now County Lake Road.  My dad, James Flavel Kilpatrick, would be born there in 1929.  Grandmother and Granddaddy would live in Hurricane Valley (in two or three different houses) until 1940.  Daddy went to school at Hurricane School (no longer exists).  They would have three more children there.  They lived there until 1938 when they moved onto the Betterton Farm at Gladstone in Northwest Madison County (near Toney) where Dad would attend Walnut Grove School.  In 1940 they would have to move again.  They would move to the Antioch community, northwest of New Market (still in Madison County, Alabama) onto the farm of Will Jackson.  Will Jackson was married to Lillie Viola Toney, sister of Charles Toney.  Dad would begin school at New Market High School where he would meet my mother, Devonia Kilpatrick.  They would leave Antioch and move to the Beaver Dam Community near Toney, Madison County, Alabama in 1947.  Grandmother was very unhappy about leaving Antioch because she had family there and had made close friends there also.  They moved on a farm that Great-Granddad Robert Floyd Kilpatrick had bought.  He and Great-Grandmother Lorena had moved to Lawrenceburg, Tennessee for him to begin work as the county-wide evangalist.  Grandmother and Granddad lived there on the farm with Granddad's late brother's wife, Hallie Kilpatrick.  Dad finished his last six months of school at Hazel Green High School, graduating in 1948.  Mother and Dad would marry in July of 1948.  Grandmother and Granddaddy lived at Beaver Dam until about 1949 when they all moved to Maysville.  Grandmother and Granddaddy would live with Great-Granddad in the big house across from the gin until Granddaddy built a house on the the four acres of land that Great-Granddad gave them.  Granddaddy and Hallie would work the farm raising cotton until it was sold at auction when Great-Granddad Kilpatrick died in 1965.  Granddaddy would buy some of the land (about 30 acres) with his share of the money from the sale.  Grandmother and Granddaddy lived in Maysville until Granddaddy died in 1986 and Grandmother died in 1993.

My Toney Family Line

I have a lot information on our Toney family back to 1800 (from Mary Hall Toney's Book "Toney Ties") in a Family Tree Maker file.  If you're interested e-mail me and I'll zip it up and send to you.

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