Descendants of
William Reed Kilpatrick
Thanks to Linda Kaye (Black) Austin who contributed the information about the children of William Reed Kilpatrick.  Also thanks to Jim and Sharon Williams and Elbon Kilpatrick for additional information on John William Kilpatrick.
Generation No. 1
1. WILLIAM REED KILPATRICK was born August 12, 1844 in Elora,Lincoln County,Tennessee, and died January 25, 1923 in Belleview Florida. He married MARY CALDONIA GRAHAM.

Notes for WILLIAM REED KILPATRICK: William's father, James H. Kilpatrick was born in North Carolina in 1807. His mother, Matilda, who was born in Tennessee about 1810, was living with him and Mary at the time of the 1880 census.

At the time of the 1880 census, William Reed Kilpatrick had two boys living with him, Mary, and Matilda. One was James Clark (age 12) listed as "bound", born in AL as well as both parents. The second was William Cryar (age 15) listed as "Hh", born in AL as well as both parents.

Following are some excerpts from the Flintville Observer:

April 17, 1884 Flintville ed. observer The distillery, run by Kilpatric & Mims will soon cease to manufacture "bug juice."

June 2, 1887 Flintville ed. observer Our new merchant, Mr. W. R. Kilpatric, has moved his stock of goods to his own house, which he has had repaired and improved.

May 14, 1891 Flintville ed. observer The last legislature incorporated the town of Flintville, and last Saturday we elected W. R. Kilpatric mayor, A. J. Summers recorder and H. C. Counts town constable, and there will be a saloon opened at once. Our good water and bad whiskey makes a very good drink, and bad water and good whiskey makes a very good drink, so you see we will have a very good drink all the time. Come up, Mr. Editor, and we'll set 'em up.

May 21, 1891 Flintville ed. observer Mr. A. G. Yost has been elected mayor of our town and Mr. A. J. Summers recorder, while J. W. Cunningham, J. M. Franklin, W. R. Kilpatric and F. G. Hester compose the board of alderman.

July 2, 1896 Flintville ed. observer Mr. W. R. Kilpatric had the misfortune to have a fine mule shot last week by some evil person who will have all the fun to himself. The mule will not be fit for service again his season if ever again.

May 6, 1897 Flintville ed. observer W. R. Kilpatric lost a good many rails that caught fire in the woods from the burning houses.

I am fairly confident that this is William Reed Kilpatrick. If so, he was still living in Flintville up until 1897. In the 1900 census, Mary is listed as the head-of-household with Willie Bell still living with her. I assume the rest of the family was down in Belleview, Florida, but why didn't Mary and Willie go with them?

Notes for MARY CALDONIA GRAHAM: Mary's father was born in AL. and her mother was born in TN. She was listed as head of household in Lincoln Co., District 3, Census of 1880. Willie Belle was the only child listed living with her and she is listed as a stepdaughter.

i.  LULA ELMA KILPATRICK, b. March 09, 1887, Madison County, Alabama; d. May 03, 1970, Colbert County, Alabama.

ii. WILLIE BELL KILPATRICK, b. October 1888; d. 1967, Belleview, Florida.

Notes for WILLIE BELL KILPATRICK: In the 1900 census, Mary Caldonia Kilpatrick is listed as the head-of-household. Willie Bell was living with her being 12 years old. Willie is listed as Mary's stepdaughter.

iii. MARRY IDA KILPATRICK, b. February 1893, Flintville,Lincoln County,Tennessee; d. 1936, Birmingham, Alabama

iii. ROBERT FLOYD KILPATRICK, b. April 28, 1890, Flintville,Lincoln County,Tennessee; d. July 1965, Maysville,Madison County,Alabama. iv. MARRY IDA KILPATRICK, b. February 1893.

v. JOHN WILLIAM KILPATRICK, b. September 1897, Flintville, Lincoln County, Tennessee; d. July 02, 1920, Maysville, Madison County, Alabama.

vi. MINNIE F. KILPATRICK, b. March 1900.

Generation No. 2

2. LULA ELMA KILPATRICK was born March 09, 1887 in Madison County, Alabama, and died May 03, 1970 in Colbert County, Alabama. She married COLUMBUS ELMO LANFORD October 14, 1902 in Madison County, Alabama, son of JOHN LANFORD and WILLIE ?.

i. WILLIE ODIS LANFORD, b. June 29, 1903, Madison County, Alabama; d. July 21, 1980, Madison County, Alabama; m. EASTER LILLY ENTREKIN, March 03, 1929.

ii. LULA MAE LANFORD, b. April 14, 1906, Madison County, Alabama; d. May 24, 1908, Madison County, Alabama.

iii. FRAISER EUGENE LANFORD, b. September 28, 1916; m. MAGGIE OLINE MANLEY, April 22, 1942.

iv. COLUMBUS ELBERT LANFORD, b. September 25, 1920; d. December 19, 1987, Lauderdale County, Alabama; m. AQUILLA EDNA PARKER.

v. ROBERT WALKER LANFORD, b. March 02, 1923; m. (1) DORIS BLACK; m. (2) EDNA BUNCH, September 17, 1951; m. (3) IZELLA SARTON WRIGHT, November 17, 1978, Colbert County, Alabama.

vi. ELOIS ELDORA LANFORD, b. August 29, 1925, Tuscumbia,Alabama; m. CLAUDE ROBERT BLACK, September 09, 1941, Tuscumbia,Alabama.

3. ROBERT FLOYD KILPATRICK was born April 28, 1890 in Flintville,Lincoln County,Tennessee, and died July 1965 in Maysville,Madison County,Alabama. He married LORENA RHODEN March 12, 1908, daughter of JOHN RHODEN and ANNIE SISK.

Notes for ROBERT FLOYD KILPATRICK: Granddad moved his family back from Florida up to Madison County, Alabama, and lived out his life in this area. Granddad was a farmer, but foremost Grandad was a gospel preacher and preached all over the Tennessee Valley including having a radio program in Huntsville, and preached in Eastern Kentucky (met people in Corbin that remembered him) and in Mississippi. He preached on court house steps, over a loud speaker mounted on top of his car, and in tent or brush arbor meetings. Many people I've met ask me if I was kin to R.F. Kilpatrick, and tell me they remembered him preaching on the radio, or that he baptized them, or that he stayed at their house when he was preaching in their community. G-Grandmother and G-Granddad lived out their last years in Maysville. They lived in a big house across from the gin. I used to go with my dad to visit them there. That was a long time ago and about all I can remember about it was that I wasn't allowed to go upstairs because the back stairs were very steep, and they had a cuckoo clock in their living room.

For a picture of Floyd and Lorena Kilpatrick, click here:

For a picture of Floyd and Lorena Kilpatrick's family, click here:

i. JAMES CARL KILPATRICK, b. March 27, 1909, Deposit, Madison County, Alabama; d. August 1986, Maysville,Madison County,Alabama; m. EATHEAL AMANDA TONEY, April 20, 1928, Huntsville, Madison County, Alabama.

Notes for JAMES CARL KILPATRICK: Carl Kilpatrick was born March 27, 1909 in Deposit, Madison Co., Alabama. His mother and dad moved to Florida some time after that to be with Granddad Billy, but then moved back to Madison Co., Alabama. Granddaddy told me how they moved back to Alabama in a wagon, and that they went through Atlanta on the way back. He said that it took them all day just to get across Atlanta. Granddaddy married my grandmother, Eatheal Amanda Toney, 4/20/1928. Granddaddy was a farmer, and, at least all the years I knew him, a carpenter. Granddaddy was a tenant farmer/sharecropper for a lot of his farming career, and he and Grandmother had to work hard just to eke out a living. They moved around a lot in Madison County, living in Hurricane Valley, the Antioch Community, Beaver Dam Community, and finally Maysville (y'all know where all those places are don't you?). Every time I hear Johnny Cash's song "Picking Time", I think of them. Granddaddy built many houses around Maysville, Brownsboro, Moon Town, Ryland, and Salty Bottom (y'all know where those places are too, I'm sure).

Notes for EATHEAL AMANDA TONEY: Grandmother loved flowers and tatted. Tatting is lace made by tying knots. Her favorite hymn was Paradise Valley.

Marriage Notes for JAMES KILPATRICK and EATHEAL TONEY: Marriage took place in the home of Brother J.A. Jenkins in the presences of his wife, his son Flavil Jenkins, Flavil's wife Lela and their daughter Regina. Also present were Lorena Burke, Wiley Usery, and Mary Jane Toney.

ii. LONNIE FLOYD KILPATRICK, b. May 9, 1910, Deposit, Madison County, Alabama; d. February 03, 1996, Madison County, Alabama; m. MACON KILPATRICK.

iii. OMA MAY KILPATRICK, b. May 19, 1911, Belleview, Florida; d. 1969, Maysville,Madison County,Alabama; m. RICE GIPSON.

iv. JOHN SAMUEL KILPATRICK, b. January 05, 1913, Bell Factory, Madison County, Alabama; d. February 19, 1999, Harvest, Madison County, Alabama; m. VELMA. POWELL

v. CLAYTON KILPATRICK, b. March 16, 1915, Belleview, Florida; m. HALLY MCPETERS.

vi. IVA KILPATRICK, b. May 02, 1917, New Market,Madison County, Alabama; m. R. B. DERRICK.

vii. WILLIAM LAYMON KILPATRICK, b. February 27, 1919, New Market,Madison County, Alabama; m. SUE JONES.

viii. FRED WILLIARD KILPATRICK, b. April 02, 1921, New Market,Madison County, Alabama; m. GENEVA ROGERS.

ix. NELTA FAYE KILPATRICK, b. March 02, 1923, Gurley,Madison County,Alabama.

x. EDWARD LEWIS KILPATRICK, b. October 18, 1924, Gurley,Madison County,Alabama; m. NAOMI (TOOTER) DOUGLAS.

xi. LEON KILPATRICK, b. March 14, 1927, Gurley,Madison County,Alabama; m. MARY.

4. JOHN WILLIAM KILPATRICK was born September 1897 in Flintville, Lincoln County, Tennessee, and died July 02, 1920 in Maysville, Madison County, Alabama.  He married CALLIE MCMOROWN.  She died Abt. 1990 in Florida.

Burial: Rice Cemetery, Madison County, Alabama

Callie remarried (Harvey  Langford) after William died.  They all moved to Florida 1930 or 31.

i. LAWRENCE ELBON KILPATRICK, b. February 13, 1919, Maysville, Madison County, Alabama.
ii. WILLIE MAE KILPATRICK, b. Bef. July 02, 1920, Maysville, Madison County, Alabama.

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