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Getting there - Snow update 2002-01-03

It snowed again - enough to sled! I haven't taken any pictures of it yet, but I've already (11:00 A.M.) received an e-mail from a fellow who wanted to know where to sled and thought he might find the directions to the sledding spot at the bottom of this page. Sounds reasonable! So...

I'm not sure of the best way to get there given the snow - if you go to the Cary YMCA (101 YMCA Drive, on SW Cary Parkway between McArthur/Bond Lake and Bebbington/Waldo Rood lights - map), you can walk out to Cary Parkway, turn right on Cary Parkway (walking down the sidewalk), cross the road at the underpass, and you'll be there - sledding forward and to your left.

We'd also thought of sledding at Bond Park in the big open area between the lake and the baseball fields, but trudging through 2 feet of snow for one mile was enough!