Our New House


Welcome to our new house!   Here are the pictures we took while we were looking at the house - so they have other peoples' furniture in them.  The driveway is a little steep, but the yard was well landscaped.  You can see a few trees and shrubs out front in this picture.  There are plenty of purple and white petunias to add color at the curb by the driveway.  We also had some yellow flowers bloom in the big garden on the left after we moved in. The summer's drought took its toll on the yard, but it only has a few bare patches.
Step around back, and there's the Realtor® hiding in the shadow drinking her bottled water. This is a view from our deck. We don't have any deck furniture yet - but we won't be needing any for several months, anyway.
Turn right 90 degrees from the last deck view and you get this - a view of our natural area and all the tall pines in the back yard. Developers aren't allowed to clear-cut (or they pay big fines) in Cary. That means there are plenty of trees around. They also have strict sign ordinances that keep signs relatively obscure so you see the beauty before the commerce. It's awesome!
Step inside and first you see the foyer ceiling that goes all the way upstairs. The upstairs hallway has an overlook to see the foyer below. There's a hardwood floor in the foyer (and dining room), and beige carpet most everywhere else.
Here you see the sunken living room with nine foot ceiling and the dining room. Our old living room furniture is in the living room now, and the dining room set from Mom's house is in the dining room. It fits beautifully with both leaves in the table - and I think it looks very nice there.
We end our cyber-tour with a look at the room we've just redecorated - the den with a gas fireplace. We got a new sofa (folds out into a bed) and loveseat, plus our old entertainment center and a bookshelf. Elizabeth sponge painted the room with a warm orange and brown color to go with the southwest theme of the furniture. We got a 16x22 print of the Space Shuttle landing in the desert to go over the couch, and it goes well with the other space things we have in the room. We're hoping to get the correct lamps (they delivered the wrong ones with the other furniture) by 12/8/99, but I don't know if that'll happen. We shall see.

Thanks for stopping by!